Sunday, November 5, 2017

....while the main purpose of this post is to share an update on my life, as you might be able to tell, the blog herself has undergone an update!

Everything's cleaner, simpler, with a black and white design that feels like a delicious, bold-against-white font and an Old Hollywood movie rolled into one. It took ages for me to pull the trigger, but I'm so glad I finally did. I outgrew the bright pink and orange header long ago, and this just feels right. Chic, understated. Perfect.

And, of course, the name has also changed. I was even more indecisive about that and while I was said to say goodbye to My Spare Oom which has been such an enourmous part of the last nine was time. I've grown and so has this space, and as I mean to write (and I mean really write by putting things out into the world with my name on them), it felt right that my blog reflect that.

So here I am, Grace K.

A twenty-four year old with an apartment of my own and a cat most dedicated to sleeping. But most importantly, a writer.

In addition to refreshing the blog, there have been a few other changes around here...

June was a rather exciting month as I got ENGAGED. It feels so strange to just now mention it on here (proposal story to come), but life picked up rather quickly and I kept struggling with the timeline (I never wrote a post about Ryan! How can I post that we're engaged when I've never MENTIONED him by name on the blog?!? #thelifeofablogger.)

Meaning, when Ryan and I began dating, I only ever announced it on Instagram. I mentioned him on the blog here and there, but never got around to a "how we met" post. And then this summer, the day before our 1 year anniversay, he asked me a very important question. I said yes, of course, cried twice, and tried to wrap my head around the fact that we were engaged.

And so we're currently planning our wedding (which still BLOWS my mind that I can say that and that I am actually in fact planning something I didn't think I'd be planning for another three to four years).

Then in September, just before my one-year-work anniversary, I left my job. 

Which is to also say, I left Waco and the last five years of my life behind. It involved several deep breathes and a letting go of...well, everything. I packed everything of my life in my small red car and drove to College Station. To Ryan, to a new part of life. To the part of adulthood that involves moving on from everything else.

I live here now--only an hour and a half from where I used to live, but it feels like a world away. I have my own apartment, a couch and a bed to call my own, a disherwasher and a stove (luxury), and the man I will marry (in seven months!) just a few blocks away.

Life is good.

Hard still, oh so hard in that we are human and complex and misunderstandings happen and money is tight because we are both young and broke. But good. 

I realized this slow Sunday afternoon as I drove to his apartment, that I've been here for nearly two months now. I'm finally catching my breath, settling into a rhythm and easing out out of transition. I see Ryan every night for dinner, I read the written hopes and dreams of young people for a living--measure their achivements and goals, whether they're a good fit for the university of maroon and white.

Sundays are still and calm--a day for gathering sleep, for spending the day curled with my cat amidst cushions on the couch, for cleaning and watching cozy British vlogs, for steadily working through a stack of library books, and for writing.

Here's to the week a November full of stillness and holiday drinks and pulling out the winter clothes and making soup, and writing a novel in a month.

Cheers, friends. Join me in this new season?