Back to the Old Way...

Monday, October 26, 2015

I have to admit I've gotten a little tired of this new idea of what a blog is.

I don't want to see a plethora of posts about various rich girls in Italy or Sweden with their Herm├Ęs bags and Louis Vuitton heels. 

Even the idea of being authentic has become a hipster trend. And many blogs focus on one thing: DYI, recipes, fashion, decorating, etc. (which isn't necessarily bad, but there seems to be this pressure to blog only about whatever your specific niche is). 

But when I find myself opening up the Bloglovin app or hungry for some posts, to read and hear from fellow women and men, from fellow's because I want to read their stories. 

I want to read about life - the real, the gritty, the mundane, the exciting, the boring, the inspirational. 

That's why I started blogging. Why I started (and why I keep on) reading blogs. 

To find rest for my weary soul in words from kindred spirits, from fellow souls who understand that this thing called Life is something to both mourn and celebrate. That there's hard seasons and good ones. 

And I hope that's what this little space is for you. A place where you can laugh, sigh, learn where to get some great inexpensive boots, chat about thrift store clothes, read about heartache and growing pains, and find encouragement. And celebrate - breathe - the moments in between. 

So that's what this blog will be...because I'm a real girl with messiness and lots of feelings. I've got a love for words, a desire for connection and kindred spirits and for saying 'ah, you too? I thought I was the only one,' and a heart for fellow feelers + lovers of life. 

I hope this little space reminds you of the raw, real, messy beauty of life...that it's not perfect, but that it's always worthwhile.