Friday Feelings

Friday, April 17, 2015

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It's FRIDAY, friends - and oh, am I glad! So glad I couldn't not share one of my favorite morning/throw-a-dance-party-because-it's-the-weekend song....

1. Yesterday I had my usual lunch - salad with grilled chicken, chickpeas, and hard boiled eggs. Then I had pudding. Chocolate pudding to be specific. Because sometimes you eat things that are good for your body, and then sometimes you eat things that are good for your soul. 

2. I got my eyebrows "did" the other day, and by that, I mean I found a pair of tweezers at the bottom of my makeup bag that weren't as dull as my other ones. I may or may not have screamed in triumph and then spent an hour plucking. It's been looooong overdue. #femaleprobs

3. I inhale Cholula at each meal like it's going out of style....really, though. I drench my SALADS in it. Who does that?? So good, though. Can't stop, won't stop.

4. I went to Austin the other day with friends, and the day before, my guy friend asked me what I wanted to do there.

Friend: "How do you feel about hiking?"
Me: stare
Friend: "Ooookay, How about frisbee?"
Me: stare
Friend: "Canoeing?" 
Me: stare
Friend: "Or...a zoo?"
Me: stare 

Suffice it to say, my idea of road-tripping to a fun city involves good food, coffeeshops, taking pictures, and enjoying being lazy. This outdoors sporty Man Vs. Wild stuff? No, thank you. I'm happy to report Austin lived up to my expectations: a food truck with a giant hummus pita, the first and best lavender iced latte of my life, a leisurely stroll in a park, and dinner on a lake while watching the sunset. My kind of day.

5. I don't what it's been about this week, but my brain has been OFF. O-F-F. As in zero motivation and zilch intelligent, rational thought. It was so bad at one point I tried to say "essay" and pronounced it "ess-ah-eye." Sigh. I'm hoping normalcy returns this weekend.

6. You guys...the most non-dramatic and yet simultaneously crazy thing happened this week.

I decided I WANT to be single.


I know. I was pretty shocked myself. Because I've been riding the "Yeah, I like being single...I'm enjoying it, I'm in a good season of life right now" train for a while. And then...somehow, it hit me. Boom. And I stopped straight in my tracks and realized, holy crud...I don't want to date someone right now. I really, really don't.

It was like all of a sudden the doors were thrown upon and the lights turned on and I realized the glorious freedom that I currently revel in within my life: I can make my own plans without having to factor in a specific someone else's, jam out to whatever music I want, watch aaaaallll the chick flicks in a row, don't have to worry about wearing makeup or looking cute for dates (ain't nobody got time for that this semester), and best of all, can hang out with all and as many of my guy friends that I want for meals or studying.

AND I DON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT SHAVING MY LEGS ON A REGULAR BASIS. When there's no boyfriend around to make you self-conscious about leg hair, life is good, peeps.

This is all currently still blowing my mind and I don't even know what to do with myself. I just feel a ridiculously good amount of independance and love for my life.

7. On a completely different side note, part of me wants to chop my hair even more in a chin length/above chin this, this, or this. And the other part of me wants to keep it as is, as I love being able to pull it back at least a bit + I can currently put it back in a ponytail. Hmmmm. Decisions, decisions. Thoughts?

8. I have some very mysterious, secret, very exciting news that I'm looking forward to announcing soon.

That is all.

Haaaaaaaaappy weekend, friends! May it be full of sleep, good food, and quality Netflix time. Looking for a good rom-com to watch this weekend? Check out this list of the 10 best ones. Enjoy!