What I'm...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Reading: As I'm back at school now and the workload is already beginning to pile up (18 hours is no joke, friends), I'm not reading much for fun right now. Which is why I book-binged during my last week at home. Lovely reads included the first Bridget Jones Diary (I'd seen the second film, but hadn't read the books before), The Expats, and The False Prince. Loved and laughed through every page of BJD, didn't understand the hype over Expats, and saw the dramatic twist coming at the end of False Prince.

Things got a little extreme when I set a personal new record by reading both this book and this one the night before I left for school. I got probably three hours of sleep. But so. Worth. It. They were both books that made go silent for a little bit afterwards as the story settled in your soul. I love Liane Moriarty after first devouring What Alice Forget last summer (go read it now if you haven't - one of my favorite books period). But of the two, Tell The Wolves I'm Home was by far the most impactful. Not for everyone, I think, but such an incredibly powerful and bewitching story about a young girl, AIDS, and the first love you never forget.

Eating + Drinking:  I want to reset my body and just try to eat clean for the rest of January, so I'm doing an abbreviated version of the Whole 30 - meaning no gluten, sugar, or dairy. Because I eat in dining halls + my room, I can't cook much, so I'm keeping in legumes + whatnot. Today's eats were kombucha, hummus + carrots, and coffee with soy milk creamer. I want to reset my body and just try to eat clean for the rest of January. Meanwhile, I'm craving bagels, cream cheese + donuts. sigh.

Wearing: Feeling nicely put together in black jeans (which I'm never taking off, thank you very much), chambray shirt layered underneath a charcoal grey one, ankle boots + leopard earrings.

Watching: I am that girl in the middle of seven different tv shows...because, well, Netflix. And I keep seeing new ones to try. I was feeling particularly rebellious on Sunday night since classes started the next day and once that happened, I knew I'd lose all my free time. So instead of printing out syllabi and planning my schedule, I watched the last few episodes + finale of Arrow season 2.

And basically lost my mind. I'm not even apologizing for my behavior; I screamed and gasped so many different times. I'm pretty sure my phone was about to break from me texting my younger sister (who's on season 3) every 5 seconds in all caps: "OMG _____ JUST SHOT ____ AND THEN HE LEFT...I CANT HANDLE THIS I CANT HANDLE - WAIT, SUCH AND SUCH IS ALIVE? NOOOOO.....WAIT, _____ JUST TOLD HER THAT HE LOVES HER AAAAAHHHHHH"

And so on. Then I called her after finishing the finale and we rehashed everything and I finally got my heart level down again. Whew. It's rough being a fan. I hadn't gone through such agony since the last episode of Sherlock and then the final episode of Merlin. There was much angst that night.

Listening: The winter chill has had me lighting a candle every evening and putting on soft, folksy tunes. I've been on a Kings of Convenience kick lately and am just now discovering the wonderful ness of Fleet Foxes. Rule My World, Caymen Islands, I'd Rather Dance with You, The Build-Up are some favorites from KoC. And I can't stop playing Fleet Foxes' Blue Ridge Mountains, Tiger Mountain Peasant Song  + Your Protector.

(Planning): the rest of the week, my weekly routine from here on out, homework, and what to wear tomorrow.

Anything new you're listening to or reading?