Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Another year come and gone.

I'm almost tempted to be wistful, to think 'where did the years go?' and yet I am not. It feels like shedding old skin, like weeding through the closet and finally finally giving away the top you've liked for so long but whose time has finally gone.

And there's no regret, just a quiet sitting back on heels and feeling at peace.

 It's time to let go. It's time to move on. It's time for some change.

2015 brims ahead of me - so full and fresh and endless with opportunities + possibilities. A fresh start. A new "do-over." An exciting mystery.

2014 was a year that brought no earth-shattering changes: I stayed in school, stayed on this continent, stayed single.

And yet, so much changed. 

My heart, my outlook, my soul, even my hair. I went from dark auburn to black to ombré. 

So here is to 2015...to even more hair changes, to more laughs and cups of chai lattes, to turning 22, to finishing junior year of college, of becoming more and more who I am. 

Happy New Year's, friends. Thanks for reading and sticking around. I'll see you next year.  

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Carey Mooradian said...

Happy New Year!

Samantha Joan said...

I love your glasses!

Oh, and do I know what you mean about wanting to move on. Change is good. I love how hopeful the new year makes me feel. :) Keep on being you.

♥ sami

Peregrin said...

Beautiful! <3 Your words are so lovely. And so is your hair. :)

Kathryn Rose said...

Sounds like a plan, ma'am. Also your glasses are qué fabulousness. I raise my cup of tea to you :)

Julia Paige said...

i feel the exact same way! it hasn't been an outstanding year, but i've definitely grown and changed. happy new year! xx

Elizabeth Grayson said...

Great post! There is always something so inspiring about a new year. It's so fresh. So clean. Full of adventures to be taken, mysteries to be discovered, and learning to experience! God bless you on this new year!


Grace K. said...

Happy New Year to you also, Carey!

Grace K. said...

Thanks, Sami! I couldn't get some Warby Parker ones (sad day), but Lenscrafters' Ralph Lauren brand swooped in to save the day!

And change is hard to embrace, but always good for the soul. I love that fresh new start feel of the year too. :)

Grace K. said...

Thank you, lovely! <3

Grace K. said...

Merci, Kathryn! Raising my mug of coffee back to you in return. :)

Grace K. said...

Hooray for comradery! 2014 had some lovely bits, but it was also a year of being pummeled by waves of change. But here we stand, stronger and braver. :) Happy New Year, Julia!

Grace K. said...

Thank you, Elizabeth! And yes- you put it perfectly. Blessings to you also in this new year!