Modest Monday: Falling into Fall

Monday, October 13, 2014

Helllllllo, friends! This past weekend was glorious because it was so chilly and today is a perfect October day with bright blue skies, blustery winds, and the excitement of Fall Break right around the corner.

So today's Modest Monday post is also perfectly themed...pumpkins + black! Click over to the St. Peter's blog to see more! My obsession with all things pumpkin is as strong as my summer obsession with all things coconut - my ma and little brother were in town for the weekend so we romped in a sea of orange. 'Twas wonderful.

I just finished two midterms, a quiz, and work, so I'm off to class now. Here's to a lovely Monday!

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Lauren said...

So cute, and I love your glasses girl!

Peregrin said...

Your tortoise shell glasses are just the coolest thing.

Carey Mooradian said...

Seriously though. So chic.