Weekend Things

Sunday, September 7, 2014

-if I was truly that chic, older college student, I would break down and buy a strapped shoulder bag/satchel instead of a backpack. But I can't quite let go of my trusty black Swiss Army one that distributes weight evenly on my shoulders. But still...in my head I have the former option. 

-my glasses broke two weeks before school started and since I (and my family) are pros at procrastination, I never got around to ordering new ones. So the only way I can see (I have horrible vision) is contacts. I've never worn them so many days in a row ever in my life. I like it. But I'm looking forward to ordering a snazzy pair of glasses, preferably from Warby Parker. 

-I've officially become a morning owl (not quite by choice) and have settled into a little morning routine: wake up, slide the alarm off on my phone, splash water on my face, get coffee started, pump up the jams + get ready for the day. Most days I get coffee and breakfast, but sometimes I have to run out the door sans bfast. It's a good routine, though, and I like it. 

-living in a suite of girls is so fun. I lived in one last year (four girls) and loved my roommates so much. They all either graduated or moved elsewhere, so I have a brand new suite (all girls I knew previously) and it's just as wonderful in a different way. We've had so many late night talks about life, boys, love and have been there for each so much already. Very blessed to be surrounded by such a supportive little group each day when I wake up.

-my room is finally all set up and with plenty of warm, colorful lamps, it's a very cozy little room indeed. I quite enjoy spending time in there and do most of my studying at my desk. Freshman year was spent entirely in my college library (I practically lived there my first semester), but now that I'm older, I prefer studying in the privacy of my own room. I might even do a dorm room post (with sneak peek pictures) if anyone's interested!

-yesterday was a bright and cloudy day, so my suitemate and I made a coffee run. We were sitting outside enjoying the balmy weather when the heavens literally opened up and poured down on us. I will say, though, there are plenty of worse things in life than being trapped in a quirky coffeeshop during a severe rainstorm. It was an unexpected, albeit lovely, adventure. Today was the first day that really felt like September (a little on the cool side)so I drew my Sunday Mass outfit inspiration from Kendi's outfit. I opted for leopard print, black pencil skirt, eyeliner, and a nude lip instead. Tres chic.