Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

1. It's finally starting to feel real that I'm heading back to college in a couple weeks (as an old junior!), so now full prep-mode is starting. I'm realizing all the things I need to do before then, like order books + new glasses. But first, I'm soaking up these lazy + sometimes rainy summer days with a good book and coffee.

2. For all my college girls out there (there's quite a few of you heading off as freshmen!), this post In Defense of Leaving is so beautiful. It perfectly expresses how I feel about the idea of "leaving." Also, this complete college packing list is a pretty great one. I know I was a mad woman scouring the isles of Target in panic to make sure I had EVERYTHING I needed before I headed off to college. Breathe, girls, breathe. You get through it, with all things that you need, I promise.

3. In movie news, I feel like I am finally joining the rest of the world as I've now seen Captain America and The Lego Movie  - and loved both, obviously. Now I just need to see How to Train Your Dragon and the X-Men series and I'll feel properly caught up.

4. I've gushed many times about my love for wearing just concealer + setting it with loose power (I'm not a foundation fan, feels too heavy), so this contouring tutorial  using just concealer by the ABM team is one of my favorite posts ever. Keiko Lynn also posted a great one.

5. The story inspiration for the YA fantasy series I've been working on for years is coming on full and fast thanks to Pinterest. I've pinned some to this board, which has been so helpful for plotting not only the first but also the successive books. Also, writing soundtracks are excellent for inspiration: Lord of the Rings, Merlin, Star Wars, and surprisingly the Game of Thrones soundtrack.

6. Chick-fil-A's iced coffee finally came out and I am full blown obsessed with the Original flavor (it also comes in French Vanilla, which I find too sweet). I may or may not have had it every day since its release.

7. One of my dear college friends and dorm mates is currently finishing up her studying abroad in Europe - she's currently in Scotland, lucky girl. Her delightful, quirky + lovely blog Acquiring American Anglophilia is one of my new favorite reads. She's just as wonderful as her posts sound and she recounts her England adventures so well that I've wanted to hop on a plane after reading each one. Her post describing the discovery that London is her city almost brought tears to my eyes, because I feel the same way, even though I've yet to visit England.

8. Everything outfit that Kendi posts on her blog is instantly something I want in my own closet + this white shorts one is no exception. Love how she uses neutrals!

9. I've been musing lately about both the hard and the holy in life, as MaryBeth eloquently + beautiful puts it. What do you find hard or holy in your life? For me, it's family for both. They're so helpful on the path to holiness, which is precisely what makes living out that holiness towards them so hard. It's an everyday battle to die to self!

10. Super excited to see that Amanda has her own weekly series going now, called 'Finally Friday.' So much fun - I love reading her posts. And I'm also loving my foxy lady Caitlin's 'Strikes My Fancy' posts. So much greatness in the blogsphere.

Happy Wednesday, friends - hope your week is going well! 

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Carey Mooradian said...

You have red Hunter boots?!? *swoons* I trying to decide between red or navy
Still haven't seen Captain America The Winter Soldier yet-but dying to...

Clare Asper said...

I looooved being an upperclassman. It was amazing to feel so settled. Senior year was even better, aside from the occasional bout with senioritis.

Samantha Joan said...

I love your boots. And haha thanks for the advice to just BREATHE about leaving for college... I leave in 2 weeks and it's crazy! Prayers for you my dear and thanks for this happy post for my Wednesday. <3

Abbey Noelle said...

OH MY GOSH YOU JUST SAW CAPTAIN AMERICA?! He's my favorite. gah. ♥ I'm totally dying to see The Winter Soldier. ;) I adore your bright red fabulous.

Grace K. said...

Yes, ma'am! They were such a good investment - I love them so much! And ooh. I went with red because I love a pop of color on dreary days, but I really wish I had a darker pair too as it goes so well with neutrals. Let me know what color you choose! And you must watch CA. Asap. I've yet to see Winter Soldier, but can't wait.

Grace K. said...

My best friend and I were talking about that the other day - I think junior + senior year will be our favorites. There's something to be said for knowing + feeling confident in who you are and no longer feeling like the new kid. :)

Grace K. said...

Thanks, Sam-girl! And you're welcome - I know how CA-RAZY it feels right before you head off. Just remember that it's all a good thing and it'll all work out! Much love and prayers as you finish up your prep!

Grace K. said...

Abbey, I'm so in love. He's perfectly polite, sweet, old-fashioned, and gorgeous. I'm dying to see the Winter Soldier also. Thanks for the red boots love!

Caitlin Kline said...

Thanks for the blog love Grace! The Winter Soldier is a must see by the way(:
I love your updates every Wednesday. It makes me feel like you aren't so far away from me.

All the best my dear friend.


Allison said...

So glad I discovered you before heading off to my own Senior year! You got this Junior year thing... it'll be busy but definitely good.