Real Life Wednesday: Notes on Wisdom Teeth + Illness in General

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

1.  As I mentioned on the blog earlier this past week, I had to have my wisdom teeth suddenly removed. Apparently there IS a reason why most people have them out in high school - if you wait any longer, like I did, to get them out when you're, say, 21 - they can grow too deep. My bottom ones had several nerves wrapped around them, which made the surgery a bit more risky than usual. So get them out sooner than later if you haven't yet!

2. I scheduled my surgery for 8:40 a.m. - the sooner, the better. You can't eat after midnight of the night before surgery, so I wanted to get it over with. I'd highly recommend morning surgery if you have the option.

3. Also - very, very important thing that I didn't think about until the night before: what to wear.

I wanted to be comfortable and not too nice because I knew I'd be sprawled there in the dentist chair, sedated and drooling looking extremely graceful. I decided on leggings, a camisole, chambray-like shirt that was loose + soft, and moccasins. So glad I went with that choice. I wouldn't recommend a dress or anything loose like flip-flops - I didn't trust my loopy self not to trip. T-shirts + yoga pants are a good idea too.

4. Thankfully, I don't remember much once the entire procedure was over. I felt like Frankenstein (and looked like it too), but once I was home, I thoroughly enjoyed the recovery process. I was exhausted and sore and swollen in my face, so I took my meds regularly and got tons of sleep. I'd slip on an eye mask, tie ice packs around my face and crash hard after taking my medicine.

5. ICE CREAM. They actually told me no dairy the first 24 hours after surgery, so I had chicken noodle soup + a soy hot chocolate from Starbucks on the first day, since I spent most of it sleeping anyways.

6. I was brilliant and reserved a slew of books at the library two weeks ago, so I had a stack of fiction books to begin with and then my dad walked in the day after the surgery with another stack that had just come in. So I've been alternating between reading a book, watching a movie, sleeping, repeat. It's been lovely.

7. Other favorite treats I've enjoyed: cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic, a hot fudge milkshake, white cheddar macaroni from Panera, tomato soup, etc. And alllll the ice cream. Wisdom teeth surgery calories don't I've been told, at least. Right?

8. Reality returns later this week when I head back to word, but it's been very nice to just recover and get my energy.

9. But at the end of the day, Ryan makes it worth it. Chipmunk cheeks and all.

What are you up to this Wednesday? Favorite summer treats you've been enjoying?


  1. Ice cream was my *savior* after I had my wisdom teeth out. Savior. Glad to hear you're on the mend. :)

    Today I'm running all over the world filming some stuff for my job at the radio. I'd tell you all about it, but then I'd have to kill you. Just kidding. But seriously. ;)
    Country Girl's Daybook

  2. Hah, why is it that you make this seem like an *agreeable* experience? :) Seriously, such foresight in what to wear. I know exactly what you mean, and this is all awesome. :) Blessings!

  3. Good to know you're feeling better!
    Headed to a Fourth of July party! #MURICA

  4. Oh dear. I'm getting my Wisdom teeth out in August. And I'll be completely under general anesthesia (which scares me about as much as the surgery). I'm hoping the 10 days between then and my return to college is enough time to recover. I'm thinking it'll take me at least 2 days of pretty much doing nothing.