Feeling Americana

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy holiday weekend, friends! Since the 4th of July is tomorrow - and I'm just now getting back in the swing of things after having surgery, I thought I'd share an old post of mine from two summers ago. I put together this fun 4th of July outfit the summer before I headed off to college as a freshman. Hope you enjoy these photos of a younger, more exuberant (and tinier, hehe) me. 


Hello! Hope everyone's excited for the upcoming holiday. Every 4th of July, I am always so thankful for the country we live in and the beyond brave men and women who have given their lives to defend our freedom.  Since 4th of July is literally a days away - one day, count 'em, one to get your holiday outfits together - I wanted to wear something patriotic-inspired to kick off the week...and the beginning of July.

July...it's the month of watermelon, pool parties, backyard BBQs, summer camps, and celebrating our nation with one's family. And red, white, and blue! 

Y'all, I tore through my wardrobe and my sister's to find pieces in all three colors. I tried on half a dozen possible outfits with no success. At first I wasn't sure I'd have anything, but all I've found with a bit of imagination, a small wardrobe, and some really, really good heels...it all comes together.

Shirt// American Eagle (thrifted)
Belt//Forever 21 
Shoes// Forever 21 

I loved how this outfit came together - even though it was last minute! This was actually very comfortable and easy to move around in. As most of what I was wearing were gifts acquired from friends + family, my entire outfit was practically free...maybe $5 at the most?
The blue beanie made me feel a bit French - but they have the same flag colors as us, so it all worked out. 

I clearly have a thing for high heels. (What can I say? I'm under 5 feet and love every extra inch I can get.) When it comes to putting together an outfit, if you can find one really good piece, the rest will fall into place. I knew I wanted to use this nautical-inspired belt to start with...and then the outfit practically whisked itself together!

Ginormous canvas bags are perfect for stuffing with beach gear, throwing in the car for a quick meet-up with friends, and they make a great weekend-getaway bag. Or the vehicle for 50 library books....not that I would personally know that's the check out limit.

Shirt pulled out? Casual American t-shirt. 
Shirt tucked into a bubble skirt and belted? Chic, classy American style. 
I felt like an all-American girl getting ready to board the train for vacation...

(Whoops! My train just rushed by!)

This sweet little skirt came from a thrift store and was embroidered with delicate roses and vines. White is one of my favorite colors to wear during the summer, especially when it's hot. It's such a cooling shade and one that is flattering on everyone. It's the summer version of black! Throw on anything white and it instantly slims you + adds a glow to your skin. 

All together: pop of red, sailor belt, embroidered skirt, and killer heels.

I wanted to add a bit more of blue, because the belt by itself wasn't enough. This beanie ft the bill perfectly and tied the whole outfit together. It added some casual fun to what would have otherwise been a more dressy, yacht-style outfit. But now I'm ready to celebrate my country in all my colors!

Anchors aweigh!

Happy Fourth of July to everyone as we celebrate the birth of our nation - may you all have a blessed + restful holiday weekend!


  1. I LOVE IT. So, so cute!!! ♥

  2. I am literally in love with those heels! <3

  3. Oh gracious, that blue beanie. So adorable! This is the cutest outfit - now I'm going to go through my closet and put something together. :) Happy Independence day! :)