The One to Be

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sometimes I can see the future.

Not with my eyes, but with my soul. I feel it. 

It's usually on days that have been long and flurried and full. I pause for a moment, stilled with weariness and drooping head, wanting nothing more than to curl up and shut out the world. 

And then I see it. Then, I see him.

I see him with me - the me that is a bit older and changed but still me. It's like a flash, quick as silver, in my soul...a faint whisper of a memory I haven't lived yet.

The man I haven't met yet, but will. The man I will love. The man who will love me and stand next to me forever and ever until either the world or our bodies crumble into dust or maybe both. The man who will make me more alive than I have ever been, who will make me more courageous than I can dream of, who will make my world bright and kill me with his smile. 

I can feel him. Just like the turn in the road that's hiding beautiful scenery that you haven't come to yet, but you know is just around the corner or the place you've never visited but know you will love. Sometimes, some things you just know. No rhyme or reason. You just do.

Out souls are very different from our heads...but it's our souls that make us human, make us beings.

So why shouldn't we be able to sense truths deep within them? 

And it is on days like these when I have slowed and am silent, I know. Our hands haven't brushed yet, but I know his will be warm and gentle when he places them on my shoulder in a gesture of comfort. I haven't seen his face yet, but I know his smile will ease any pain or stress. I haven't heard his voice yet, but I know it will whisper words of encouragement and understanding. I haven't stood next to him yet, but I know he will respect and honor me as his equal, protect and care for me, and allow me to lean on his shoulder when things are rough and days are long. 

I haven't met him yet, but I know. 

Because I can see and feel it.