Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1. I forgot today was Wednesday...thus the lack of a RLW post earlier today. Oops. 

2. I not-so-recently became a fan of filling in my brows. Every model/actress/celebrity/woman who knows how to wear makeup well is aware of this trick. While there is a fine line between crayon-looking eyebrows, adding just a bit of power + liner helps shape and give them a more natural, full look. 

3. How pretty + colorful is this gorgeous garden-inspired wedding shoot? Sign me up, please. 

4. I'm on the look for a good self-tanner (a slow-darkening lotion). I have no intention of going anywhere near a tanning salon, thank you very much. I do plan to soak up some sun this summer, but until then, my legs need to stop looking ghostly pale. 

4. I made this extremely poor quality and ridiculously random video to say hello to you lovely readers. View at your own discretion if you need your daily laugh...I basically ramble, use a British accent at one point, talk about my eyeshadow, and look down when my phone goes off at 2:00. Enjoy....

5. I discovered the quirky sounding and delightful singer Mindy Gledhill; her songs have been on repeat as they're perfect for this sunny, glorious weather. Whole Wide World, I Do Adore, and California are some of my favorites. 

6. I've been trying to be more intentional about enjoying being single and unattached. There's something extremely freeing + refreshing about being independent, in charge of my schedule, watching the movie I want to watch, and spending time with friends. While I have a heart for a relationship and eventually marriage, I am falling in love with being single. It is definitely difficult at times, but I've learned it's all about your attitude - and am actually planning to devote an entire post to the subject. Anyone else in the single sisterhood boat?

7. I'm excited for bring summer colors, especially pink lips!

Are you in a relationship or seeking satisfaction in singlehood? What makeup/wardrobe colors are you looking forward to for summer?