Real Life Wednesday: Finals Edition

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1. Today marks the start guessed it, finals week. The least favorite week of college students everywhere. But Ryan makes everything better, right? 

2. I am so relieved to be done with classes for this semester. I don't know if anyone else had a similar experience, but this semester seemed so long for some reason. Not only was it a rough one emotionally, but let's just say I didn't quite have a "favorite" class. On the flip side, I'm excited about all the creative + fun classes I'm taking in the fall.

3. The Shorts are now in my weekly rotation of outfits, due to both how warm it's been and how much I'm loving wearing them. I need to buy more so I can stop being that girl who wears the same thing religiously. 

4. My roommates and I celebrated the last day of classes with a conglomeration of carbs at Panera. Double chocolate chip nut cookie was consumed. 

5. In case you need another excuse to procrastinate (beside reading this post), here's some of my favorite finals memes, including this brilliant Frozen inspired one. 

6. The MAC Red lipstick that I picked up in New York is amazing. I wore it to a play, then to a dance afterwards, followed by some midnight chocolate cream pie eating with my roommate. 

And it. stayed. allllll. night. No reapplication necessary. You guys, that is HUGE. If you've ever worn red lipstick, you know it's annoying as heck, smears on your face easily, and comes off as soon as you eat or drink something. Not this baby. I did apply Kiss Me Quick lipliner all over my lips first, but still...impressive. 

7. This song has been on repeat lately. Because I am a 90's child. And it's finals week. I need upbeat music! My go-to Pandora stations for staying awake: Today's Hits, Justin Timberlake + the Wicked Broadway Cast.

Best of luck and blessings on your finals, friends, if you're taking them! How's your week going? What songs are you studying to? I love recommendations!