A Lot Can Happen in Two Years

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two years sounds both incredibly short and quite long.

It all depends on the context. 'I haven't seen my friend in two years...we've lived in this house for two years...I just started writing/blogging two years ago...' and so on and so forth.

My last final was this morning.

I've been in college for two years. I'm halfway through. A junior. 21.

It feels real and yet it doesn't, because I have four semesters of memories and papers. And yet it feels like I just graduated high school a couple months ago. Time started flying once I turned seventeen and it's only sped up since I entered college.

Two years. That's a plethora of days, of laughs, of meals, of tears, of events.

It makes me smile to think of myself as a freshman, two years ago. Everyone who's glimpsed my student ID in the past few months always comments I don't even look the same. And I don't. I look incredibly young.

Like a Baby Grace, almost. I chalk it up both to my bangs which made me look even younger than I always do and the sheer unawareness of what lay ahead.

Because that Grace had no idea how quickly her life would change.

In the past two years, I wrote more papers and thought harder than I ever imagined.

Found a place among new people to call home.

I traveled to New York.

Fell in love with photography.

Grew "a spine" as one friend put it.

Changed my major.

Dyed my hair red.

Went on a date.

Went on another one with a different guy.

Created art.

Dealt with turning a guy down.

Finally pierced my ears.

Became a daily coffee drinker.

Made a film.

Dyed my hair black.


Returned to New York.

Decided to write a thesis.

Experienced heartbreak.

Gave a talk on the Holy Spirit.

Stuck by my values.

Attended a concert of the band who inspires me most.

Discovered what makes me smile with my entire soul.

Embraced waiting.

Fell in love completely + wholeheartedly with my home state of Texas.

Decided to go to grad school + travel after school.

And it's only been two years. Here's to the next two. May they be even more full + lovely.


  1. What a wonderful two years!

    1. Thank you, Violet! It has certainly been a crazy ride...

  2. I've been thinking about a lot of the same things recently, after my sophomore year just ended. We have so many exciting things ahead of us! :)

    1. Congratulations, Lisa! It's so hard to believe two years have flown by...but I agree, the future is so exciting!

  3. this made me smile SO much. you are so lovely, dear! i never really realized it..but you've been such a role model for me this past year. keep shining <3

    1. Aw, thank you so much, Abbey - your comment was so sweet! And oh my goodness, that is such high praise...I don't know how much of a role model I am, but I am so honored that you would think that! :) Cheers to the internet for bringing us together. <3 <3 <3

  4. I recently have reminisced over the past two years as well... it's incredibly humbling, isn't it? The problems that used to be such a big deal have really built me up and strengthened my trust for God's plan... There's been a lot of growth in my life the past couple years (mostly inner growth, but maybe some extra weight growth too which is DEFINITELY muscle. ;) ) and part of me wonders what else there could be to figure out (ha!) but on the other hand...I'm so excited to see what kind of gross, ugly hardships are to come up ahead and what I'll learn through them. It's all a beautiful ride.

    Congrats for being strong through the past two and enjoy the next two!! Woohoo! <3

    1. Mariah, I completely agree...I love how after looking back at the years, God's work is so clear in our lives! We just don't always recognize it sometimes when it's actually happening...and I'm right there with you on the extra weight growth, hehe. ;) This past fall + winter season were so exhausting and trying in terms of growth, but I know that each year will bring its own season of growth, and I know we'll learn just as much from the next one. :)

      Blessings during your next two years also, love! <3

  5. I honestly have to agree with Abbey! This post made me tear up and smile! As I will be entering my Senior year of HS this Fall (I know I'm just a baby) so many things have struck me like never before. I will be 18, graduating, and the beginning that exciting/scary time called being a young adult!
    I hope the next two years for you will be filled with so much love that you can't help but share it with others, lots of joy that it radiates from you unto others, and also many learning opportunities that will make you become the better version of yourself.
    Thank you for being such an awesome role model for other girls through this humbling blog of yours.

    1. Aw, thank you, Grace! That truly means so much to me - I love sharing with you girls and the fellowship that blogging brings. <3 And congratulations on starting senior year in a couple months - definitely drink in time with your family and friends. This is such a special time, and I'm so excited for the new season of life you're about to start!