Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

1. I just got back from a mini family vacation where we visited the Mexican side of the family. It was great to see all the aunts, uncles, and love on my little baby cousins. This chica...she's killing me. I wanted to bring her back with me and kiss her adorable little face forever.

2. While back in Texas, my little sister and I were treated to manicures + pedicures by my aunt (Little Miss's madre). Ermegosh. This was my first time getting either...and let's just say I plan on it not being the last. I felt so pampered having my feet messaged + rubbed with lotion.

My cuticles were opened up. You guys...I didn't even KNOW THEY WERE CLOSED. Life changing.

3. Last week, I spent the loveliest hour Skyping with my dear Liz from Sunny Side Up! I love this girl so much and talking to her in person was even better than chatting online. We laughed, talked about college life, boys, Mass, and summer plans.

 I agree with her that it would be wonderful if we could meet up for weekly lunch dates.

4. Also, Liz wrote a beautiful + profound post about being Blinded By Comparison and how we as young women especially can struggle with that when we see other women who are living out their dream. Clare wrote an equally beautiful and eloquent response here

5. This list of how to incorporate Audrey Hepburn wardrobe basics is stellar...I'll take a striped shirt and some Roman Holiday-esque sandals, please.

6. The one thing I hate about wearing makeup during summer is that my mascara always, inevitably melts and creates unnatural dark circles under my eyes if I'm not careful...I think I'll try these no-melt mascara tips.

7. I've realized I never finished posting the last NYC post. Oops. Bad blogger move, Grace. (You can read day one and day two here.) So look for that soon! I'm currently working on the single girl post as well as some exciting fashion posts!

8. I'm becoming known as the iced coffee girl at our Starbucks...I tried a black caramel iced coffee one day earlier this semester and got hooked. It's only $2 and something cents. I don't even add cream or milk anymore because the caramel syrup adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Who am I?

9. Gabrielle Aplin, a young English singer, has been my go-to artist lately. I love her soft, wistful songs. 

How's your Wednesday? What's your favorite coffee drink right now? Do you get your nails done? 

What I'm Loving: TV + Films

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I'm currently visiting family back in Texas...which means breakfast tacos, margaritas, good Mexican food, and cute babies. I'm pretty happy.

I love a good show or film, so I thought I'd share some of my recent favorites.

Although....let's be honest here. This post is going to be 99.99% tv shows, because I - like every other college student - live on Netflix. I loved going to the movies and still do, but as soon as I became a college student, I turned into a cheapskate. Why would I spend $5-$7 on a movie ticket when I could spend that on groceries - or coffee???? As a result, I haven't seen many films lately (except, you know, Frozen). Which means I saw basically none of the films nominated at the Oscars this year.

Ahem. On with the shows! 

Sherlock. If you aren't watching this by now and in love with Benedict Cumberbatch, shame on you. It's witty, insanely fast-paced, thoroughly British, and a brilliant modern-day interpretation of Sherlock Holmes. 

Chuck. A bit of an oldie but so good - I discovered the show over Christmas break. Cute nerd who has government secrets in his head and had to become a spy? So many laughs. I also love Chuck's family + his dysfunctional co-workers at his cover job.

Merlin. My heart! I am such a sucker for tall, slender, dark-haired, blue-eyed guys with an accent, and Colin Morgan as the title character is no exception. I love this show so much and am dragging out each episode in the last season because I don't want to say goodbye. 

How I Met Your Mother. I recently got in to this after hearing all the hype. I'm really not a fan of the main character, but Neil Patrick Harris's Barney makes up for any flaws. So hilarious. Any guy who frequently says, "Suit up!" is someone I want to be friends with.

Arrow. UGH. So, so, so good. I initially scoffed at the poster and any mention of it, but was confronted by my younger sister after getting home for spring break and was emphatically told I was going to watch it. 

Scandal. OBSESSED.
1) Kerry Washington's gorgeous wardrobe of soft, neutral hues.
2) The "scandals" the writers come up with.
3) The tortured love story between Olivia Pope (Kerry) and the married President of the United States.
4) Kerry Washington. 

Psych. If you haven't seen this show about two best friends pretending to be a psychic team in order to solve crimes, put your life on hold, grab a pineapple, and go watch the show. Shawn and Gus will thank you. 

White Collar! I clearly enjoy detective drama/comedy shows, and this is no exception. I love this show, set in New York, about Neal Caffrey- an art thief + forger who gets out of prison in exchange for working with the FBI agent who caught him. A gorgeous, witty, smooth-talking man in a suit. Sold.

And now on to films! I haven't been to the movie theater much lately what with school + tv shows, so as always Netflix is my best friend.

I've already raved about Mom's Night Out, but really...go see it. I died laughing and can't wait to see it again!

I was in a Jane Austen mood the other night and re-watched the 2007 made for tv film Persuasion. The actress who plays Anne is depicted with very minimal makeup and could almost be called plain, but I think she's beautiful and very talented. And it's such a sweet story about two people who still love each other after 8 years.

I recently saw the Jane Austen Book Club for the first time...there's some interesting plot points in this movie about a group of women and one guy who get together to read Jane Austen while dealing with their messy lives. One of the women, played by Emily Blunt, is a teacher who's attracted to her high school student and contemplating having an affair. Another woman is going through a divorce while her daughter (who is a lesbian) deals with relationship struggles also.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the light-hearted film...mostly because of Hugh Dancy who completely steals the entire show with his adorably nerdy tech whiz character who falls for one of the older women in the book club. He was just so bashful and precious. I watched it with a group of girls and we couldn't stop exclaiming over how adorable he was.

We then watched The Young Victoria (it was an unofficial Emily Blunt movie night), which I've seen before and loved even more the second time around. It follows the girlhood and rise to the throne of Queen Victoria.

I love, love this film. Not only is Emily Blunt magnificent as the Queen, but her + Rupert Friend's portrayal of Victoria and Prince Albert's love story is so beautiful and sweet that it always brings me to tears. Not to mention the costumes are simply exquisite. And as usual, it's chockful of all the great British actors that we see in almost British period piece: Paul Bettany, Miranda Richardson, Jim Broadbent, Mark Strong, and Harriet Walter. It's a perfect girls' night film!

What shows or movies have you loved lately? Let me know - I'm looking for some good summer movies!

Wanting to Be Someone's Girl

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Earlier this semester, I met up with an out-of-town friend. We caught up over coffee and laughed and talked about his future plans and the girl he's dating.

And back in my own room after goodbye and parting wishes, I took a minute to sit, be still. Digest. Think. Be. 

Oh you're seeing someone?

It shouldn't be a surprise, but it is. And I'm glad for him. I think of my own future someone and sit, thinking and wishing.

Wishing I was seeing him. I wonder what it's like to be pursued and chased, to be gazed at intently across the coffee table, to be asked about my life by someone who really truly wants to know - who isn't just asking to be polite. 

I wonder what it's like to be thought of  - to sit opposite someone who would rather be there than anywhere else. What it would be like to hear those words from my lips: I'm seeing someone. 

Because I wish I was. We would be good  together, I think. I'd support him, I'm crazy over the moon for him, but most of all I respect him - enough to want to date him, which says a lot. Because I haven't met many boys that I like and respect in that regard. But he's not a boy; he's young, yes, but he's a man. 

And I wish I could be his girl.

I think back to the conversation with my friend - we talked about first kisses, dating and being confident and going for it, because you either succeed or fail and the worse that can happen is the person says no.

And I think to myself how different my friend and I are. He's blond and blue-eyed, exuberantly confident and at ease with himself. He's the kind who goes for anything because he believes in what he has to offer and if the girl's not interested, well, that's life. You live and move on.

I'm brunette and dark-eyed, and so outgoing yet simultaneously unsure + insecure. I feel I have little to offer and if anything, feel sure of rejection should I put my heart out there.  

You're an open book, someone tells me, and I frown frustratedly. I don't know how not to be, and apparently I need to be more mysterious which is puzzling and discouraging all at the same time. Because my someone, he doesn't need to change; I like him just the way he is. I want to be me, I wanted to be liked for me, not because I'm changing who I am and how I act. I want to feel pretty in his eyes, want to be the girl that he's crazy about. 

But I can't escape the feeling that me, who I am isn't good enough. 

And that's hard, because how can I put myself out there, how can I try when I feel like me as I am isn't good enough - because, well, he's not interested, is he? So clearly that whole 'be less open and more mysterious' is a thing. 

Which only complicated and confuses everything, when really it's all very simple. 

I like him, a great deal. And I just want to be with him, to make him happy, to make him laugh. But I want him to make me happy too. I want him to want to make me happy and to want to make me laugh. 

I want to be the reason someone's eyes light up - just like that person is the reason that mine light up. It's not so outrageous, that wish...

I just want to be someone's girl. 

I want to be his girl.

(Some musings from earlier this semester)

Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1. I made a video last week in which I talk about my recent girly favorites like perfume, lipstick, and the peacock earrings I'm wearing above. But as Samantha Joan was so kind to point out to me, the video was set to private and unable to be viewed. Oops. But that should hopefully be fixed now, feel free to head over + watch it!

2. I'm still loving all things coconut, but mango is inching up there. I love mango all the time, any time of year, but especially during the summer. Mango smoothies, salads, margaritas, etc. It's definitely my favorite fruit.

3. I went with my family to see Mom's Night Out on Monday. Oh. Em. Gee. Go see it - right now, if you haven't already seen it. I laughed the loudest out of my entire family and there were more than a few moments when I completely lost it...when you get to the scene with the taser, you'll understand.

4. I finally picked up a self-tanner, Jergen's Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow, which supposedly settles into a golden color over three days. I almost got a spray version, but I do not trust my application skills, when it comes to evenness, so I liked the idea of rubbing in a lotion that would gradually deepen into a natural looking glow. I used it yesterday and already my legs are tanner!

5. I've never been a coral/orange lips person, but I'm really loving the idea of that lip color for summer. I already have a lip butter stick and just picked up a orange NYX butter gloss (Peach Cobbler) that I'm excited to try out.

6. I'm also very excited about an entire summer of bright/cool nail polish colors. White always makes my hands look ridiculously tan, so that'll probably be one of the colors I reach for during the next few months.

7. My recent new love for bright orange-hued lips (see #5) quite possibly stemmed from this post + video by the lovely EssieButton, whom I've seen mentioned around the blogsphere and finally checked her out. She talks about her 10 favorite drugstore lipsticks and most of them are bright + perfect for summer. In. love.

8. I'm also obsessed with the Maybelline Baby Lips Cherry Me flavor thanks to her. I've talked before about my daily love + use of the clear sunscreen one, but this Cherry one...ugh. Gorgeous pop of color and it smells so, so good. And it's just chapstick! Available at drugstores + very affordable, I might add.

9. This happened this morning - talk about the kindness of strangers. Huge thank you to the sweet lady. Pay it forward, y'all, pay it forward.

As always, I'm following along with Jessica for Real Life Wednesdays. What makeup products are you loving recently? Do you like to tan in the summer or stay pale? What's your favorite summer fruit? 

The One to Be

Friday, May 16, 2014

Sometimes I can see the future.

Not with my eyes, but with my soul. I feel it. 

It's usually on days that have been long and flurried and full. I pause for a moment, stilled with weariness and drooping head, wanting nothing more than to curl up and shut out the world. 

And then I see it. Then, I see him.

I see him with me - the me that is a bit older and changed but still me. It's like a flash, quick as silver, in my soul...a faint whisper of a memory I haven't lived yet.

The man I haven't met yet, but will. The man I will love. The man who will love me and stand next to me forever and ever until either the world or our bodies crumble into dust or maybe both. The man who will make me more alive than I have ever been, who will make me more courageous than I can dream of, who will make my world bright and kill me with his smile. 

I can feel him. Just like the turn in the road that's hiding beautiful scenery that you haven't come to yet, but you know is just around the corner or the place you've never visited but know you will love. Sometimes, some things you just know. No rhyme or reason. You just do.

Out souls are very different from our heads...but it's our souls that make us human, make us beings.

So why shouldn't we be able to sense truths deep within them? 

And it is on days like these when I have slowed and am silent, I know. Our hands haven't brushed yet, but I know his will be warm and gentle when he places them on my shoulder in a gesture of comfort. I haven't seen his face yet, but I know his smile will ease any pain or stress. I haven't heard his voice yet, but I know it will whisper words of encouragement and understanding. I haven't stood next to him yet, but I know he will respect and honor me as his equal, protect and care for me, and allow me to lean on his shoulder when things are rough and days are long. 

I haven't met him yet, but I know. 

Because I can see and feel it. 

Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

1. I forgot today was Wednesday...thus the lack of a RLW post earlier today. Oops. 

2. I not-so-recently became a fan of filling in my brows. Every model/actress/celebrity/woman who knows how to wear makeup well is aware of this trick. While there is a fine line between crayon-looking eyebrows, adding just a bit of power + liner helps shape and give them a more natural, full look. 

3. How pretty + colorful is this gorgeous garden-inspired wedding shoot? Sign me up, please. 

4. I'm on the look for a good self-tanner (a slow-darkening lotion). I have no intention of going anywhere near a tanning salon, thank you very much. I do plan to soak up some sun this summer, but until then, my legs need to stop looking ghostly pale. 

4. I made this extremely poor quality and ridiculously random video to say hello to you lovely readers. View at your own discretion if you need your daily laugh...I basically ramble, use a British accent at one point, talk about my eyeshadow, and look down when my phone goes off at 2:00. Enjoy....

5. I discovered the quirky sounding and delightful singer Mindy Gledhill; her songs have been on repeat as they're perfect for this sunny, glorious weather. Whole Wide World, I Do Adore, and California are some of my favorites. 

6. I've been trying to be more intentional about enjoying being single and unattached. There's something extremely freeing + refreshing about being independent, in charge of my schedule, watching the movie I want to watch, and spending time with friends. While I have a heart for a relationship and eventually marriage, I am falling in love with being single. It is definitely difficult at times, but I've learned it's all about your attitude - and am actually planning to devote an entire post to the subject. Anyone else in the single sisterhood boat?

7. I'm excited for bring summer colors, especially pink lips!

Are you in a relationship or seeking satisfaction in singlehood? What makeup/wardrobe colors are you looking forward to for summer? 

Take Me To Where the Wild Things Are

Monday, May 12, 2014

There's that familiar hunger and stirring within me for something mysterious and infinite...a something that I don't even know what it is. A wild yearning rising up deep within myself to run, to slip away past leaves + trees + all human life.

To disappear into the forests where the only sound is the quiet humming of Life itself. Away from distractions, rushing + hurrying, from mindless jabber and babble, from the constant presence of others and the crowd of people that conglomerate the world's surface. While I love people + interacting with them, lately I've found myself falling quiet, feeling stretched and tired and as if the smallest smile or natural small talk is so arduous a task that even the attempt is exhausting.

Because sometimes it is good to drop everything, even the thoughts and lists that rattle around in our heads each day, and simply leave...and run into the forest.

I want to slip away. I want to go where the wild things are.

Because there's a shimmer in the air, like the faintest, lightest brush of wind chimes that only we can hear and it's calling to us, beckoning, pulling ever so softly on the strings of our heart that float out to the sky, to the furthest stream, to the highest mountains that we've only climbed in our dreams. And it's a pull we can't resist, it comes from both without and deepest within. It whispers of adventure and dizzying heights and air so fresh and strong that it hurts to breathe in.

Because our hearts are the wildest forest, the deepest ocean tumultuous + cold with waves of bitter salt and sweetness...and sometimes we forget. Because we're breathing in the world around us so strong and often that we can't see we're lost, that we're quiet...we're tamed. And we weren't made to be.

So take me to where the wild things are. Where hair blows wild + free in the wind, a whirling mess in sunbeams + trees. Where the world is so quiet and so loud with the sound of life that I can hear myself...where I can breathe.


Days, months, hours, minutes, years pass but time is different to souls. Souls are like unfolding trees, ever changing + reaching + growing deep, firm roots. Like streams, silver + silent, welling up with promise and life but as somber and sorrowful as the stars on a cold, fierce night. Like winds, never ceasing to unfurl and wind through spires, free and restless forever.

So let me go, let me close my eyes and run away, into the forest where sun + leaves kiss in a sweetness and blur of golden light that spins the world the other way round and takes us away, over seas and thoughts and dreams and plans...just for a moment. Let me go to where the wild things are.

Because I'm a wild one, through and through.  

Q & A

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finals week is still going on, but I thought I'd share some questions & answers from two awards I received a while here's some fun, random facts about me (since I'm sure you've all been losing sleep over not knowing more about me). 

Here goes! The lovely Grace nominated me for the Sunshine Award.

1. What does Spring smell like to you? Hm, delicate flowers and citrus. 

2. What is something that you are looking forward to this Summer? Getting tan! Now that I'm wearing shorts more, I want to make sure I'm all one color rather than having that awkward shirt/bathing suit tan. 

3. What are you reading right now?  I just started Christopher West's Theology of the Body for Beginners which explores Pope (and Saint!) John Paul II's teachings on our gift of sexuality. It's wonderful.  I'm also in the middle of Walking on Water by Madeleine L'Engle, which is her reflections on faith + art. 

4. Favorite Audrey Hepburn movie? That's not a fair question at all. All of them! Roman Holiday, Funny Face, My Fair Lady + Charade are my top favorites though.

5. Favorite Pandora station or music artist? Chet Baker for relaxing jazz, Ed Sheeran, and Today's Hits. 

6.Would you rather: Have a side soup or a side salad? Both of course. Actually, it'd depend on the time of year and what my main course was. I'm a soup and salad girl. 

7. Favorite religious/Saint movie? Pope John Paul II. It was so well done + powerful I still think about it. 

8. Do you have a favorite quote? My new favorite comes from How I Met Your Mother:

9. Who has been your biggest role model in life? My mother. And professionally, the Pioneer Woman. I mean...she's Queen of the blogsphere. 

10. If you could go on a mission trip any where in the world where would you go? Africa seems to be pulling on my heart lately. Emily's Compassion trip to Uganda struck a cord with me. 

11. Favorite Marian feast? The Annunciation. It's just so beautiful. 

And the equally sweet Abbey nominated me for the Libster award! 

Top three favorite spring pastels? 
 blush (beige with the softest touch of pink). 

                                                                                                           pale blue.

                it's not a proper pastel, but I am still loving black. it's so chic and pairs perfectly with pastels. 

If you take a moment to reflect on your childhood, what is one fond memory that sticks out? the "date nights" that my mum would take me on...we'd go to a restaurant or cozy cafe, just the two of us, and giggle and  talk about books or life and always, always share dessert. it taught me to treasure replenishing my soul and to make time for myself. 

What is your dream for life? to constantly travel, eat good food, be an entrepreneur + published writer, marry and have children, and never stop making art. 

Are you a city or country gal? both! I love the beauty + peacefulness of the country, but I need my coffeeshops and city life to flourish. 

If you had the chance to change your age for a day, how old would you be, and what would you do? I have no idea...I might go back and be 10 again, in which case I'd run around and eat ice cream. but I do that anyways. I'm actually pretty content with my age right now. 

What is your weirdest talent? being extremely good at photographing my food, haha...I don't think I have too many weird ones. I'm really good at styling men's clothes. guy friends ask for fashion advice frequently. 

Florals or polka dots? polka dots. I look so young to begin with, if I wear florals I look like a 5 yrd little girl. 

Rainy or sunny days? rainy days.'s raining as I type this + I'm brewing a chai latte.  

Favorite artists? Switchfoot, Audrey Assad, Melody Gardot, Ingrid Michaelson, Ben Rector.

Random obsession you can't get over right now? Blogs and British men.  coconut flavored anything. I am a coconut freak, y'all. it isn't going away any time soon either. 

Which blog have you been loving to read recently? I love Elsie + Emma's blog A Beautiful Mess, A Cup of Jo has all sorts of fun posts from where to eat in NY to how to cut your bangs, and In Earnest which has everything from seasonal illustrations, book + beverage pairings to what's going on in the world today. 

Also, Sarah Therese has moved blogs - she's now over at Cherishing Everyday Beauty. Stop by + say hi!


Feel free to award yourself or answer any of the questions in the comments! What's your fav Audrey Hepburn film? What pastels are you loving for spring? Best coffee drink? Favorite new blog?

Real Life Wednesday: Finals Edition

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

1. Today marks the start guessed it, finals week. The least favorite week of college students everywhere. But Ryan makes everything better, right? 

2. I am so relieved to be done with classes for this semester. I don't know if anyone else had a similar experience, but this semester seemed so long for some reason. Not only was it a rough one emotionally, but let's just say I didn't quite have a "favorite" class. On the flip side, I'm excited about all the creative + fun classes I'm taking in the fall.

3. The Shorts are now in my weekly rotation of outfits, due to both how warm it's been and how much I'm loving wearing them. I need to buy more so I can stop being that girl who wears the same thing religiously. 

4. My roommates and I celebrated the last day of classes with a conglomeration of carbs at Panera. Double chocolate chip nut cookie was consumed. 

5. In case you need another excuse to procrastinate (beside reading this post), here's some of my favorite finals memes, including this brilliant Frozen inspired one. 

6. The MAC Red lipstick that I picked up in New York is amazing. I wore it to a play, then to a dance afterwards, followed by some midnight chocolate cream pie eating with my roommate. 

And it. stayed. allllll. night. No reapplication necessary. You guys, that is HUGE. If you've ever worn red lipstick, you know it's annoying as heck, smears on your face easily, and comes off as soon as you eat or drink something. Not this baby. I did apply Kiss Me Quick lipliner all over my lips first, but still...impressive. 

7. This song has been on repeat lately. Because I am a 90's child. And it's finals week. I need upbeat music! My go-to Pandora stations for staying awake: Today's Hits, Justin Timberlake + the Wicked Broadway Cast.

Best of luck and blessings on your finals, friends, if you're taking them! How's your week going? What songs are you studying to? I love recommendations!

May: My Kind of Day

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy 1st of May, lovelies!

I can't believe spring is officially here...I'm not a fan of heat (despite living in the South), so the gorgeous sunny, breezy + blue-skied days of May are my favorites. Plus, there's graduations, baby showers, bridal showers, and weddings to go's such a happy month!

I turned in my second-to-last paper of the semester today and finished the second level of honors classes today as did my best friend. Our honors program is heavy on the workload the first two years and only requires a few other program-specific classes during junior and senior year. So we were especially thrilled and ecstatic! Tomorrow's our last day of sophomore classes - we're both juniors already by hours, but it's crazy to think we're halfway done with college. Aaaaahhhh.

This is my "I-stayed-up-until-two-a.m-finishing-this-paper-and-I-want-it-AWAY-from-me-now!"
And we both showed up in orange...a usual occurrence. Our brains often make fashion choices on the same wavelengths.

Also, there haven't been many Modest Monday posts lately, so I thought you'd enjoy seeing one of my recent outfits. I am an ardent flannel lover...and jeans! I'm wearing jeans, something I don't think has ever been on the blog before. Most of my fashion posts have included skirts or dresses. Anyways, I've been wearing jeans on a regular basis during the last semester, more so than usual. They're fun, casual + a classic.

After snapping this poor quality picture, we headed out for a late lunch of fried chicken + french fries and I'm doing the work thing right now. Now for more paper writing...Friday needs to hurry up and get here!