Real Life Wednesday

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1. Y'all. The motivation is ZERO over here. I suddenly have the urge to catch up on all Netflix shows, do laundry, watch countless makeup videos on YouTube, spend time staring at my ceiling and listening to "Best Day of My Life" for the 1650th time. In short, do anything besides study and write papers. Helllllp. Someone come take away my phone/WiFi.

2. My coconut obsession is going strong. Coconut iced coffee, this Coconut Cabana hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works, coconut Greek yogurt frozen bars. Obsessed. I'm going to turn into one, watch me...

3. I wore a bright color for the first time in...2014? We've had some gorgeous sunny days and I finally cracked and wore a orange t-shirt. It feels like summer now.

4. Equally (perhaps even more?) shocking - I WORE SHORTS. That went above my knee.

Out in public.

I feel simultaneously like I need to go to Confession and the exhilarated "bring-on-more!" rush that a junkie must feel. All I know is my legs are finally getting tan, the world didn't end when I walked out the door, and I'm in love. (They weren't inappropriately short...I still have a sense of modest, don't worry!)

5. I have a plethora of ballet flats or tall spiky heels...but nothing in between, like summer wedges or strappy heels. This needs to change. Hopefully I'll be able to pick some up over the summer.

6. Summer! How is it only a few weeks away? I'm still in disbelief that May is this weekend. What the what? On the other hand, I'm excited for summer plans...and weddings! I love weddings. I'm especially excited for all the people I know who are getting married this summer - there's at least three!

7. This orchid color is supposedly the color of the year, and I have to agree that it's perfect.

8. This week is crazy not only with pre-finals papers + quizzes, but I have an awards banquet, a play, and a dance all on the same day. Outfit changes, y'all. It's all about the outfit changes! Also, bring on the party music. This chica needs to dance.

That's my life right now, friends. Have you switched over to warm-weather clothes? Who's ready for finals? Let me know how your week is!