Five Things {A Giveaway}

Sunday, April 13, 2014

1. Things were quiet around here on the blog this weekend because I was in Dallas! We had a school holiday, so the roommate + I road tripped on up to the lovely city of Dallas. There was much coffee, cheese + carbs, and good music. 'Twas glorious. I'll have a post up after I'm done posting the New York pictures.

2. A little while ago, I published my 430th post. Yeow...I've also reached over 83, 000 views (not a lot to some, I know, but I think it's exciting).

4. I've been blogging for eight years. EIGHT YEARS. My first post was summer of 2008, which is truly insane to think about. I feel old. It's amazing how much my blog + writing style has changed over the years...

3. That being said, I believe a giveaway is in order! And because I love you lovely people so much, I want to make it a fun one.

I'll send a box of goodies to the lucky winner, including:
a Raspberry Ghiradelli Chocolate bar,
a Starbucks gift card, 
freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, 
and some fun spring nail polish colors
 (hint: think Essie, Julep, and glitter)!

All you have to do to enter is comment on this post and let me know how you found My Spare Oom +  what you're most excited about for spring! I'll choose a winner on Wednesday morning. 

Have a lovely Sunday and I'll see you tomorrow with part II of the New York trip!