Being a Creative Soul

Thursday, April 24, 2014

'If you ask me what I came to do in this world, 
I, an artist, will answer: I am here to live out loud.'
Emile Zola

I miss creating + capturing art. This is the first time I haven't taken a photography class in three semesters. And I miss it. I miss the joy + creativity that comes from capturing a smile, a sparkle in someone's eye. From capturing life.

This has been a more academia writing-heavy semester, and while I understand that my studies come first, there's still a quiet ache. A stirring that manifests especially on beautiful days of sun and wind or during sunset when everything in the world is aglow + magical. It's times like these, when I feel such stirrings + aches, that I am reminded that I truly am a creative soul above all else.

I have to create.

I have to, need to make art. Even if someone else somewhere can make similar art that is infinitely more beautiful and distinct, what I make is something different from anyone else's creations in the world. And if I don't create, if I don't let the creativity within my soul + heart bubble up and flow out of me, then I'm not really living the way I know I can. I'm not as happy as I can be.

And there is such happiness that comes from capturing the beauty + mess + lovely imperfections of life...we call it art.

But another word for it, I think, is release.

There's something so breath-snatching and soul-stirring about the knowledge that we ourselves were crafted, were made. We are Art. So if our coming into this world is utterly + inexplicably tied to the process of creation, of making, of capture life + beauty + mess....then our inherent urge to create and make our own art suddenly becomes overwhelmingly clear.

So this hunger in my soul to make, to create, to put forth art - even if the result is not pretty and fulfillment comes only through the act of creating...

Then that's a holy hunger. A sweet desire. A pure stirring. A breath-taking urge.

Being a creative soul is both a blessing and a curse, wrapped together, intertwined so deftly that no distinguishing is possible. We're all blessed with the ability to make art, to find fulfillment creatively someway, no matter who we are or where we are in life. We're all creative souls. Some of us just might recognize it more than others. And our curse - if it can even be called that - is that we will always be filled with the urge, that hunger that presses us to bring forth our own creations of beauty + mess.

We will always yearn to create + capture art. So let us do so.