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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Today's post title has 'real' in it twice for no other reason but that I feel like it. I also realize approximately 6,456 other bloggers use that title - specifically Jessica, who is fabulous and on whom I have a girl crush. If you aren't following her, do it now. Cupcakes, glitter, and real girl talk...what more can you ask for in a blog?

Anyways! Here's some random bits of my life - mostly because it's Wednesday and hump day, but also because things have been raw + thoughtful lately. But as life isn't always profound...

1. The weather has been ridiculously confused, per usual. But spring keeps peeking her head around the corner on the weekend and through pink blossoms! 

2. Good-looking, well-dressed men really do make my heart happy. 

3. I still have not updated my iPhone to IOS 7. I know, I know. I am the last person in the world ever to catch up with these things. I blame the legitimate excuse of not having enough data storage due to the 1, 203 pictures on my phone. 

4. I wake up every day and love photography even more, if that's even possible. There are not words to adequately describe my passion for it - all I know is that I never want to stop taking pictures. 
5. My style has become more simplistic and hipster/bohemian recently. I can't remember the last time I wore heels on a weekday or a vintage outfit. Who am I?? I live in flats and wear a scarf basically every day. And let's not start on my beanie collection. 

6. I am that undergrad who hangs with/thinks grad students are cool. My former English-major heart loves the English graduate students that I've "collected" as friends. They are some of the coolest people. Period. They dress classy and quirky, rock awesome glasses, and have the maturity of adults while retaining the lighthearted-ness of undergrads. 

7. I have been suffering from wanderlust like nobody's business and am itching to jump on a plane to Europe. London + day, one day. I want to see it all.

8. On the subject of girl crushes, I have some major ones on Hannah Nicole (a dream of mine is to shoot with her one day), Carrie from WishWishWish, Jess as mentioned above, one of my classmates Abigail - I love her Pinterest style and her style IRL, and of course, Jennifer Lawrence. 

9. Dark, smoky eyeliner is my go-to each day even if I'm wearing glasses. Swipe of black eye pencil on top + bottom, apply mascara and good to go.

10. Let's talk about spring break. I am ridiculously excited and have some plans in the work (travel!!). Where are you going?

11. Wedding cake-flavored iced lattes are my beverage of choice. Also known as the 'Ring by Spring.' Can't. Stop.

What are you loving right now? Any favorite drinks, travel plans, new fashion trends you're loving?

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Abbey Noelle said...

so i pretty much love all these things. i'm actually taking a trip to indiana in a couple of weeks! (so excited). have a lovely day girl!

Clare Asper said...

I so love simple but awesome makeup routines for busy days. ♥ Honestly, I just love mascara. That alone makes me feel way more confident and glamorous even if I do absolutely nothing else with myself. lol.

Raewyn said...

Aw, thank you, Abbey - and how fun! Hope your trip goes well!

Raewyn said...

Clare, I completely agree...even if I have no other makeup on, just mascara and a bit of eyeliner makes such a difference! <3

Iris Hanlin - Writer/Photographer said...

I love Magnolias. :) My grandma used to have a giant tree on her lawn, and I used to pick off the flowers as soon as they bloomed to put in vases. Great memories from that little picture. And yes. yes to the wanderlust. All of them. I'm dying to get out of here
~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: viking hats & light sabers

Raewyn said...

That sounds so lovely; fresh flowers in the house always make me so happy. :) And that itch to travel is serious! Like a hunger...hopefully we're both able to do it soon.