Modest Monday: Bring on the Boots

Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December! (Cannot believe I am typing that though....whaaaaaaaat? It seriously feels like last week was October! I'm having difficulty wrapping my brain around the fact that 2013 is almost over.)


I'm back at school from Thanksgiving break, which was lovely, but it's good to be back on campus also. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family + friends. Mine included coffee with my sisters, seeing friends, baking pumpkin gingersnap cookies, belting One Direction in the car while shopping the after-Thanksgiving sales, and sleeping in.

'Twas marvelous.

After my boot post, I thought it was only appropriate I share my Black Friday outfit which included, surprise surprise, boots.

Today's post is slightly unusual, because I'm wearing pants!

 Cue the gasps and shocked faints of readers. I've started wearing pants more over the last year and a half, but am still mainly a skirt girl because I love wearing 'em. The pair I'm wearing in these pictures are on loan from my best friend and despite looking blue, are actually grey.

Boots + pants are such a fun combination though and wonderful for cold weather...

 I found these lovely dark chocolate brown wedges at Goodwill and have already worn them more then once.

Outfit details: 
shirt/thrifted (American Eagle)
nail polish/Julep

I received this bangle as a gift and love styling it with different's very edgy, almost Amazon-ish. I probably never would have picked this out myself, but I've been surprised how much I how enjoy wearing it. I love the metallic edge it adds to the outfit.

Holidays call for iced Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks and dark nail polish. 

And metallic eye makeup! I've recently fallen in love with soft, natural eyes with a bit of dark, metallic shadow for a punch. One of my favorite looks is brown + gold eyeshadow with soft pink or berry lips. 

I've found that brown eyeshadow makes my brown eyes pop and adds a lovely bit of dimension. It's especially great during the fall/winter season, when I find myself doing darker eyes. 

And my usual top go-to hairstyle when I want to do something different, look a bit more dressed up, or just want my hair out of my face.

As you can see, the red in my hair is fading, but it actually doesn't look too's almost like an accidental ombre, which makes it really fun to wear my hair in a bun. 

Serious brunette on top, free-spirited redhead in the back. ;) 

Hope your first week of December is marvelous..I've got classes + studying, but am looking forward to some early Christmas festivities and the last college football game of the season this weekend! 

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  1. are gorgeous. Just gorg. (annd my heart does a sings a little tune when you post! Keep blogging!)