Best of 2013 {A Year in Review}

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 was, as Frank says, a very, very good year. There were many highs and lows, but overall, it was a huge year for me. 

In January, I said hello to 2013, had a feeling I would like this little year very much indeed, attended a Jane Austen ball, headed back to college for my second semester, and dressed like a Hogwarts student. 

In February, I turned 20 (!), my best friend threw a surprise birthday party for me; I roadtripped to Austin, had a secret Valentine, posted about the red + pink holiday fashion on campus, and wore an orange trench coat. 

March was especially exciting because I headed to New York for spring break! I was blessed to accompany my grandparents on a business trip with my mom and younger sister - while there was still snow! We had a ball and I fell in love with the magic + sophistication of NYC...I cannot wait to go back. I was also in the midst of my photography class and completely shocked by how much I loved it.

April was pretty rough with finals, but I managed to finish my first year of college alive. I shot my first senior session, decided photography was something I needed to keep doing no matter what, and said goodbye to some of my favorite people who graduated. 

May saw me begin my first summer job as a hostess for a 5-star French restaurant. I learned a great deal from it and am very grateful for the experience. I also started summer school which became difficult to juggle with my job. 

June found me exhausted and pushed to my limits from class + work everyday with tests each weekend.I did, however, have a fun weekend off which I spent in Houston with two good friends + co-workers. Working while taking classes taught me so much respect for people who work full-time and attend school - especially if they're single parents! In the end, I turned in my two weeks notice to concentrate better on school. 

July was hot - as always - but I celebrated 4th of July with family + plenty of style. I finished summer school and had a great month, blogging-wise. I wrote about what I've learned at 20, what we're entrusted with, put together this hilarious best friend post, and was featured in the Catholic Apolos online magazine!

In August I returned to college as a sophomore, excited for another year of school. I became a diehard fan of the BBC show Merlin (and thusly, Colin Morgan), and opened up to share very private, real, and raw thoughts about my weight gain. Other highlights: I threw a Great Gatsby party + to my shock, fell in love with One Direction. Craziness.

September! The beginning of fall brought whispers of cool weather, a lovely retreat with my residential college, a fun first His + Hers style post, and lots. of. redlipstick. I also talked about why we're so hard on ourselves and What Makes Us Beautiful as girls.

October was a HUGE month for the blog - I blogged everyday for the 31 Days series, How to Live a Grace-filled Life. It was a huge commitment, but I loved sharing words from my heart with other girls. I also saw a big increase in blog traffic during this month and had tons of friends and classmates who started reading give me lovely feedback about the series. Some of my favorite posts: Living Art, Be a World-Shaker by Being You, The Life I Want to Lead, Finding Yourself, A Letter to Girls. I also dressed up as Peter Pan + Red Riding Hood for Halloween, attended a Switchfoot concert (!), and saw Legally Blonde the musical. Oh, and took midterms. Whew...October was insane. 

I was able to catch a bit of a breath in November: I headed back to Austin with Caitlin again  - this time for a fashion shoot. Love that city! It finally felt like fall. Perhaps most exciting was that the blog got a fresh look, thanks to the lovely Alex! It was hard to let go of the cozy bookish look, but I felt ready for a change. :)

December...oof. I went through finals again, made my first short film/video, wrote about the man I want to marry, sang in a Christmas concert, found out I had been accepted as a CL (community leader or RA) for my dorm, shared why it's okay to cry during the holidays, spent Christmas with my family, became obsessed with the Frozen soundtrack, and played around with dramatic color makeup

All in all, a full year. But one of much growth, love + happiness. I love my life + all that God has given me, good and bad. 

Here's to 2014 being even more wonderful. 

I can't wait. 


  1. Beautiful Grace! I really liked this post. It's so nice to look back and see how much we've grown. I might do one of my own year-in-review posts in the next couple days.

    God bless! :-)

  2. Happy New Year!!!! You just grow more beautiful each day... inside and out. :)