Fall Footwear

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Fall is official boot weather - my favorite kind. I kiss goodbye to sandals, flip-flops, and thin soled-shoes, and welcome boots with open arms.

I'm on the hunt for some new good boots this fall that will last me for a good bit. Currently, I don't have many that fit, and while I love finding hidden boot treasures in thrift stores, I'm thinking I might have to actually order a good quality pair that will last me a while.

Here are some of my favorite styles: 

1) Cherry red rainboots// Hunter // 2) Blue oxford ankle wedges// Sperry Topsider// 3) Tan wedge ankle booties// Newlook// 4) Black stiletto ankle booties// Payless// 5) Brown suede slouch boots// Aeropostal // 6) Black knee high wedges// Stylebop//  7) Burgundy slouch boots// Payless // 8) Classic black rainboots// Hunter// 9) Grey ankle booties// ALDO // 10) Brown leather riding boots// Macy's// 11) Combat boots// Dailylook// 12) Black stiletto boots// Payless // 13) Cowboy boots// CountryOutfitter // 14)  Brown buckle boots// Forever 21 

1. Cherry red rainboots: Hunter // I love, love the color of these and am seriously considering investing in a pair. From what I've heard, they're worth it, despite the $140 price tag. 

2. Blue oxford ankle wedges: Sperry Topsider// The blue + tan are a lovely combo; nice casual every-day option. 

3. Tan wedge ankle booties: Newlook// I have a similar stiletto pair that I found at Goodwill; I feel like a model when I wear them and always get compliments! I wish I had a wedge pair also, simply because wedges are more comfortable and easier to walk in. 

4. Black stiletto ankle booties: Payless// Great with skirts + leggings and go with any outfit. 
5. Brown suede slouch boots: Aeropostal // I call these Elven boots because they look soft, comfortable, and very wood elf- as well as Santa elf-ish. ;)

6. Black knee high wedges: Stylebop// Wonderful to walk in and perfect for cold days. 

7. Burgundy slouch boots: Payless // I love the color. Most people go for neutrals (black, brown, grey) when it comes to boots, but I love how they can add color to your outfit. 

8. Classic black rainboots: Hunter// I can't decide which color I like more - black, which is more versatile, or red, which pops more. 

9. Grey ankle booties: ALDO // At first I didn't think I could wear ankle boots because I'm already so short, but I fell in love with them after seeing Clara, the newest and most petite companion on Doctor Who, rock several pairs. 

10. Brown leather riding boots: Macy's// A very classic choice that goes with practically every outfit. 

11. Combat boots: Dailylook// Coming back into style, thanks to hipsters (and Doctor Who, again). A very fun, street look. 

12. Black stiletto boots: Payless // Every girl needs a classic, well-fitting pair of black high heel boots. 

13. Cowboy boots: CountryOutfitter // A must-have if you live in Texas. Literally. Every one here wears them at one point or another, whether to a football game or to go country dancing. 

14. Brown buckle boots: Forever 21 // A simple cut with a little bit of extra, thanks to the buckles. 

Some of these are obviously quite pricy  - the Stylebop black knee high wedges are over $1,000! I wanted to share an idea of the styles I like right now...I certainly don't have the budget to buy some of theseboots! 

Are you a boot person? What's your favorite style? 


  1. I'm a western girl at heart & cowboy boots are my go-to. :) I have been thinking about that I should buy another every day pair (wore my dark brown ones to death -literally falling apart)! Those red rubbers sure look fun & you could pull them off like nobody's business (with your red lips)! Or red cowboy boots! God Bless! ~Clare

    1. I don't have a pair of cowboy boots that fit any more, but they are so fun! And I think multiple pairs of boots are always a good thing...more options! ;) And thank you - I think I'm leaning towards the red ones. God bless!

  2. I love boots! Funny, I actually own those Payless slouchy boots in boring, basic black. But that's my profound love for neutrals that work with as many outfits as possible and my black wardrobe showing through! They wear fairly well, and I've used them a lot. With your quirky, cute style you could definitely pull off any of those in beautiful bright colors. Have fun with the boot shopping! :)

    1. Another boot lover! Always welcome, Lisa. And that is too funny that you own that pair...I love slouchy boots. They are so comfortable. I think neutrals are must-have staples for one's wardrobe! I love neutrals as much as bright colors. Thanks so much for your well-wishes!

  3. I love boots! Basically, through fall and winter I wear exclusively combat boots. :)