{31 Days} Day 31: Loving Where I Am - Right Here, Right Now

Friday, November 1, 2013

The last day of 31 Days.


I want to talk about happiness. Because I am happy.

Happy with where I am right now, at this very moment...and right here, in the midst of the craziness of college life and being a student.

Sophomore year is treating me very well. I am taking 17 hours, working part-time, doing an independent photography study,trying to stay involved with my residential college, planning to dive in even more into church ministry/events, and working towards getting back to my healthier self.

I have a full plate to say the least.

But. I. Am. Happy.

I am truly content and eager and beyond excited for what these next few months will bring, despite all the challenges and stress and responsibilities that lie ahead. I realized the other day suddenly that I was excited for each day and that I wasn't worrying or pushing myself into stress or thinking the frequent "What ifs?" that freshman year held for me.

I can't really explain it another way other than to say I'm in love. With how my life is right now.

That's not to say everything has been roses and sunshine over here. I've had dark days, days where feelings of failure and loneliness whispered at my door. I've been knocked over by a few waves and lost my breath and footing for a moment...but I've always been able to come back to air and sun through God's grace. Just because difficult and hard things happen to you or to loved ones doesn't mean you can't be happy. You can...in fact, the hard things make you even more aware what a precious gift life is and how much it should be treasured. That you can be happy with it.

What's even more surprising than my realization that I love my life right now is a second one that I haven't felt this happy and content in this certain way in a long time. I loved freshman year and my senior year of high school, but there was always stress, always something hanging over my head, always something that I wasn't quite happy with either in my life or about me.

Perhaps it's because I'm now 20 and finally feeling comfortable in my skin, confident in my abilities, secure in the knowledge + experience of freshman year - that yes, I can handle this.

So I am happy and excited. I love where my life is right now: what's happening, what I'm learning and working on, the possibilities that are unfolding. I'm excited to expand this little blog, to freshen it up with a new look and design (!!), to work on my novel and get it into shape, to continue getting back in the groove of healthy ways. To polishing and challenging my photography skills, to learn magazine editing, to keep growing my freelance writing, to enjoy a glorious fall, to formally try my hand at food photography, to make short films, and to experience a wonderful semester.

I am loving every moment. Of where I am, right here. Right now. 

And I think that's part of living out our calling - being happy with the now, with the present moment. It's knowing that each day will bring challenges...but that we need to embrace each day fully. It's only when we are happy where we are right now that we can be who God called us to be.

Because He made - and is calling - us to be happy.

Right here. Right now. 

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