{31 Days} Day 27: Make-Up + All Things Pretty

Friday, November 1, 2013

Part of what I love about being a woman is looking pretty! I truly believe feminine beauty is one of the special gifts that God gave us  - and as such, make-up and wearing stylish clothes is a way to enhance our natural beauty. It adds a bit of polish and shine to something that is already lovely.

I basically didn't wear make-up during high school because I wasn't that crazy about it and because I felt fake and heavy with it was caked on my face.

Since then, I've come back around and now absolutely love make-up. I realized that make-up doesn't have to be over the top and can be as light + feathery as you like it to be. It's also such fun to try different looks like a smoky eye, eyeliner, a pale lip, colored eyeshadow, or red lips. It also brightens your face, especially if you're tired.

The only reason I've made it this far through college + work is thanks to the three C's: Christ, coffee, and concealer. 

But really. 

Anyways! I'm a bit of a make-up junkie now and thought I'd share the products I use on a daily basis...I still gravitate towards a light, everyday look that's simple but fresh.

I love this concealer from Maybelline. It is so light, I never ever feel it after I put it on. I tend to still find foundation too heavy, so I actually use this concealer all over my face instead. Not only is it such a smooth and easy roll on, it's perfect to wear all by itself even without powder. I use Light and follow it up with Maybelline Power in shade 125. 
I'm a huge fan of cheekbones, and unfortunately I don't have prominent ones, so I like to coax mine into better definition with this Maybelline FIT Bronzer which I sweep over the top of my cheeks. It adds a subtle, but definite definition which I love!

If I'm wearing eyeshadow, I swipe this Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal eye base on my lids first as a primer...however, it's so shimmery, I'll often just wear it by itself instead of eyeshadow! Again, so light I forget I have it on.

The Falsies Mascara lives up to its name - it's very thick and a bit on the clumpy side, but it makes my lashes pop and gives them plenty of body, so I reach for it when I want something a little more dramatic than natural lashes. 

And of course, for lips, I love my Kate Moss Rimmel red lipstick (shade 111) as well as Revlon's new Lip Butters which are lovely bright lipsticks. Most days, however, I swipe on some tinted Bert's Bees' chapstick or Bath and Body Works' lip gloss and head out the door. 

So there you have it...my daily make-up favorites. I'd love to know yours! What's your daily make-up look? Do you wear it often?

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