31 Days To Living Out Your Calling as a Woman of God

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Y'all. I am so excited and thrilled and an entire bundle of nerves to write this post. I'm joining The Nester and quite a few (!) other bloggers for the  "31 Days" challenge. 

Essentially, it's a 31 day blog series on one topic. I'll be posting every day in October about the topic I've chosen...and I cannot wait! After much deliberation (and a FB poll), I've chosen to write about living a life of grace (no pun intended). 

Now, I am certainly not trying to be egocentric. On the retreat I staffed this past weekend, some of the female upperclassmen shared with the girl freshmen what it was like living out their faith as Catholic young woman. I shared some of my thoughts also, which prompted the joke that we were talking "with Grace." I laughed, but the phrase "with grace" stuck in my head as I realized how that is truly our goal as Christians, but especially as young women. To live with His Grace. 

And thus...

I've been more and more moved to write about how to live out the calling of femininity - on how to live out our calling as young women of God.

I'll be writing about how to live out that calling with God's grace, and how to do it in every aspect of our lives.

From fashion to beauty to cultivating a deeper prayer life to organization to spreading love + laughter...I believe that being a woman is an amazing gift and that God has called us to be wonderfully graceful women of faith and to embody His grace in everything we do.

So I hope you'll join me for these 31 days as I journey towards living a life that is not only mine (Grace-ful), but also grace-filled. Filled with His Grace in every part of my life: as a student, friend, daughter, sister, Catholic, and as a woman.

I can't wait.

Day 1: 31 Days to Live Out Your Calling as a Woman of God
Day 2: What It Means to Be a Young Woman of God
Day 3: Living With Fear and Joy
Day 4: Seize Your Courage
Day 5: Learning to Love Every Season
Day 6: Words of Affirmation 
Day 7: Why Do We Limit Ourselves?
Day 8: On Saying No
Day 9: What to Do When You Feel Trapped or Stuck
Day 10: Ten Ways to Wear More Color
Day 11: The Art of Being Single
Day 12: Live Everything
Day 13: A Letter to Girls
Day 14: Embracing Womanhood
Day 15: The Sweetness of Being You
Day 16: Beautify Your Life
Day 17: How to Love Dressing Up
Day 18: Feeding the Soul
Day 19: Finding Yourself
Day 20: Loving Yourself
Day 21: The Life I Want to Lead
Day 22: Words from Women
Day 23: Make Art (Do What Brings You Joy)
Day 24: Fostering Godly Friendships
Day 25: Be a World-Shaker by Being You
Day 26: Living Art
Day 27: Make-Up + All Things Pretty
Day 28: Dwelling in Him
Day 29: Letting Go (The Hardest + Best Thing You Will Ever Do)
Day 30: Find Your Community
Day 31: Loving the Right Here, Right Now


  1. I'm so excited for this, Grace!

  2. I can't wait to read all of your posts! =]

    1. Thank you, Amanda! Excited to write them. :)

  3. I am so excited, Grace! Definitely looking forward to reading.

    1. Thanks, Sarah Therese! Hope all is well with you!

  4. Chelsea KramerOctober 01, 2013

    Wonderful! Cannot wait to read more! :)

  5. Stefanie MundhenkOctober 02, 2013

    I love your posts <3 Keep up the great work!