{31 Days} Day 8: On Saying No

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Apologies again for the lack of posts this week: midterms, getting sick, and all sorts of things conspired against me. Normal posting resuming now!

It's one of those weeks where I just want to say no.

No, no, no.

No to everything and everyone. One of those weeks where I just want to curl up in bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleep for a year...and dream for two.

I learned by now to recognize that urge as a sign that I've - as usual - taken on a bit too much. Been too ambitious. Wanted to do it all. Promised more than I can give, but will deliver it anyways because I don't like disappointing people and canceling.

But sometimes I need to.

I realized more than ever the past year what an introvert I am and can be. I love being busy, and yet...

I need time and space to think

to breathe

to dream

to be.

Otherwise I have difficulty functioning. I push myself too hard, too much, too often. And then when I'm frantically running from place to place, trying to do it all and in the amount of time that I have...I feel the effects. I'm so busy running, I can't enjoy what I'm doing that moment.

I can't take the time to enjoy my breath during that moment.

And that in itself is draining. These next two weeks (let's be honest, the entire month...and the rest of the semester) are going to be non-stop, mad-paced craziness. So, of course, I'm trying to get a million and one things done,

If I'm not careful, it can be easily overwhelming. It is a bit already...but I've done this before and I know I can do it again. I know I am capable of this.I know what NOT to do this year.

 I think the main mistake I made my freshman year was that I thought I had to be Superwoman and do it all. I had to balance everything perfectly and give 100% in every area of my life. I said 'yes' to too many commitments and not enough 'no' when it came to making sure I had time to do what I absolutely needed to.

I think the "Superwoman" idea especially puts pressure on young woman and even grown woman! We think that we have to say yes and do everything as woman of God...but He doesn't want us to run so much and so hard that we run ourselves into the ground! Part of becoming a mature adult and especially a young woman of God is recognizing that we can't do it all.

We just can't. So we need to stop trying. We need to do what He absolutely calls us to and do that well. Not a hundred other things. We shouldn't try to save the world if it means losing ourselves in the process. For us to do what we need to (work, school, etc.) we have to take care of ourselves - we have to make that our priority. And that means saying 'No' sometimes.

So during the next week and a half, I'm being careful...and trying to slow down.

To breathe.





Starting with saying 'no.'

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  1. I know the temptation to shout 'yes!' to everything because it all sounds so interesting. Case in point: me at every campus activity fair ever. So, so, so many email lists. You're right though--being so busy we can't breathe means we're going to feel stressed and crazed. And how can we ever focus on God if we're too busy running from class to studies to a meeting to another meeting to a rehearsal etc? Good luck with your attempts to quiet your life! :)