{31 Days} Day 5: Learning to Love Every Season (Aka Summer)

Saturday, October 5, 2013

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Let me start by saying I've never been a huge summer fan (give me rain and cold weather any day, all day), but this year, I think I finally fell in love with summer. It was a good summer spent drinking in time and sunshine with my family. For the first time, I put aside my dislike of sunburns, extreme heat and really tried to see the beauty in that season and see the days as lovely gifts from God.

And y'all...it was indeed lovely.

I am SO ready for fall to get here, but this summer I loved June, July, and August -

the bright clothes

summer burrries

shorts (gasp, yes - only in the privacy of my own house, though)

sleeping in

downtown photoshoots

iced everything: iced mochas, iced lattes, iced coffee, iced tea...iced drinks period!


naps...naps are glorious...have I mentioned naps? (My brain almost never lets me slow down enough to take one though...even when I really want to. Sigh)

pink + orange (Kate Spade colors forever and ever)...I once painted my room orange and loved it

seeing the breeze dance on the sunlit leaves outside my window

long days


Mason jars of cold water

flower headbands

Eos lip balms (as usual, I am late to the party)

Target's summer hue gift bags and To-Do lists

chick flicks


fabulous fun and light music

Bath and Body Work's candles

sunglasses in every shade

and I mean every shade.

my ridiculously long hair that seemingly grew overnight.

Iced green tea - I slowly tried to detox my body of coffee, which I'm pretty sure was the only thing running through my veins during the last few weeks of school and finals. I'm loving iced green tea with a bit of sweetener (honey, if I'm making it at home). It hydrates me, but is a bit more fun than regular water. Panera Bread's green tea is the best. Sigh.

(Confession - the green iced tea/coffee detox didn't go so well. Instead, iced lattes or iced coffee with milk have been my go-to's. With flavorings: mint, raspberry mocha, coconut.)

Happy weekend, friends! May your day be bright + happy + filled with some of your favorite things.

What did you love this summer?

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  1. Ooh... this summer I loved ice coffee and iced tea. Love, love love. I loved the few, rare days of real summer heat that we got. Illinois was far to mild this year! I loved summer reading. It's funny... now that it's turning into fall, I'm feeling the urge to read more classic literature while during the summer all I wanted was a good chick lit. What is it with warm weather and light reading?