{31 Days} Day 4: Seize Your Courage and Just Do It

Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm blogging every day in October about living a grace-filled life. Yesterday, I wrote about facing fear + choosing joy yesterday...but sometimes the things that terrify us the most are the ones we want to do the most.
"You will never do anything in this world
 without courageIt is the greatest quality 
of the mind next to honor." 
~ Aristotle

But why are we so afraid? Who is it that has told us we will fail or that we can't wear a certain color or that we aren't brave enough to jump off of a diving board? God didn't make us to be women of fear. He made us to trust in His grace...and jump.

Life is terrifying.

But if you let that stop you, then you will go through life without ever truly living. 

So just do it. 

Dye your hair.

Go for a run (even if you think you're not a runner + even if it's only a 15 minute or 5 minute run. Still a run.)

Wear bright blue eyeliner.

Pick up a camera.

Make a homemade pie. If you burn the crust, then laugh, feed it to the dog, and make another one.

Call yourself a photographer.

Wear bright red lipstick.

Learn how to ballroom dance.

Tell someone you care about just how important they are to you.

Choose a different coffee drink than your "usual."

salted caramel mocha frappucinno

Take a road trip with your best friends.

Pick out a pair of glittery shoes.

Chase your dream internship. You never know where you'll end up.

Take yourself to a coffeeshop concert. Who says you have to be hipster to do so?

If a boy you like asks you to dance, dance with him.

Paint your nails pink.

Study abroad. You will never regret it.

Talk to a professor about your hopes and goals.

Make lunch plans with a person you want to get to know better.

Book a flight to the city you've always wanted to visit.

Say 'I love you.' It is never a sign of weakness.

You have your whole life ahead of you, waiting to be lived.

So just do it.

Living out His grace does not mean a boring life. It means understanding your fears, choosing to be ruled by joy instead of fear - and to seize your courage.

Courage is the decision to do what scares you.

'All you need is 20 seconds of insane
 courage - and the belief that something 
great will come of it.'


(Disclaimer: There are, of course, somethings which do scare us and which we should NOT do: like make unwise decisions regarding purity, alcohol, drugs, or things that might endanger us. 

If there is something good or a dream that you have always wanted to pursue but that you are scared to chase it...that is when you need to seize your courage. :)

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