{31 Days} Day 24: Fostering Godly Friendships

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friendship is such a precious and valued part of womanhood...we love our girlfriends more than anything because they truly understand us, can sympathize, and just offer the relief of a smile, a listening ear, and some girl time. That being said, I think our idea of how friendship has changed somewhat. We used to tailor what we said - conversations were one on one, and now we broadcast our "stream of consciousness to all 500 friends at once," text in group messages or chat on social media where everyone else can see the conversation.

But there is truly nothing sweeter than sitting across from a dear friend in person and laughing, talking, sharing, listening, encouraging, and soaking up God's grace from them. God gave us friends for a reason - which is why friendship + fellowship is such an important part of being a woman!

When I want to connect with someone, or really truly spend time soaking up their presence and the joy of their friendship, I long for an intimate setting, like at a cozy restaurant or cafe, just us. A chance to breathe and just be in each other's presence. When I'm home,  I head over to dear friends' houses: we curl up in chairs as we chat or do each other's  hair...

I remember one time I went over before Christmas to bake cookies with some of my best friends and their brothers,who are also very close friends, and it was so lovely. We spent the entire evening relaxing, baking leisurely; soft, warm Christmas music played in the background, the lights glimmered on the tree bedecked with richly-colored ornaments and tinsel. Eventually we ended up on the floor, sitting around talking and laughing and just drinking in the time we were spending with each other. It was, and still is, one of the coziest and loveliest days I remember, because we cultivated our friendship by quietly celebrating it and being in one another's presence. It was an intimate, cozy feeling.

Small circles are a good thing sometimes. I know had there been a large group of friends or even one or two others over, yet dynamics would have naturally been different. The opportunity for wonderful one-on-one time would have been lost...and nowadays, when so much of our day is filled with simultaneous noises and tasks, often requiring multitasking, it's so refreshing to concentrate solely on one person, on one thing.

 On one friendship.

Growing closer together as souls and deepening the sweet friendship you share with another person can be so difficult if you don't make that special alone time. Especially in college when things are so hectic....but it is doable and so very good for the soul. Make plans for a coffee date. Grab lunch or dinner together. Hang out over the weekend. Work out together. Or just make plans for an impromptu picnic.

Female friendship and mentoring is so very wonderful, so I encourage you to seek it out! Maybe you're not around many other young women in person if you live in a small town, etc. In that case, write letters or send emails! Keep up with each other on blogs if you both have them. Friendship is a wonderful thing and one that should not only treasured, but constantly cultivated and cared for.

This is Day 24 of 31 Days in October. 


  1. i love this so much. makes me miss & treasure my sister friends from home all the more.

    1. Thank you, Liz - aren't sister friends such a beautiful blessing from God?? Hope all is well and God bless, dear!