{31 Days} Day 20: Loving Yourself

Monday, October 28, 2013

I love being 20.

Something about this year has shifted something inside me. Partly because I'm a sophomore in college and have that first year under my belt, partly because I know what I'm capable. Partly because I've already faced so many daunting tasks + challenges.

But mostly because I love me and who I've become. I feel like I finally am starting to completely know my style, my quirks, my habits, the things and qualities I am drawn to.

But instead of feeling insecure or wondering how it looks or what other people think, I am soaking it up + loving what I love. No apologies.

And it's wonderful.

I wrote this before reading Caitlin's original post and can honestly say I spent some time last year struggling to find myself  - who I was. As a young adult. As Grace. As a young woman of God.

And this year, I think I'm finally starting to know.

I have a thing for polka dots.

I cannot go a day without bobby pins.

Bright colors (fuschia, orange, teal) make me happy.

Coffeeshop music and mismatched eclectic furniture makes my hipster heart flutter.

I'm all about that black or brown eyeliner winged flick.

Long swirly skirts and swingy tops with rings bring out my inner Bohemian nature.

I adore red lipstick but love the pale look also.

I love being organized (even though I get unorganized very quickly).

I am an little autumn bird, through and through. I will take scarves and boots any day over shorts and flip-flops.

I have a plethora of shoes (not really when compared to some others I know) and am proud of it.

I love color-coordinating.

And things that clash in a fabulous way.

I wear heels, wedges, and platforms every chance I get. But ballerina flats are my trademark.

 Does that even make sense? It does in my brain.

I am a sucker for big band/swing/old Hollywood singers. Mel Torme, Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Chet Baker, Fred Astaire, Nat King Cole. Gah. Something about love songs crooned in a velvet voice...gets me every time.

I wear contacts most of the time, but also rock glasses intentionally. Don't like them? Too bad. It is my face, after all. And I think there's nothing wrong with glasses.

I love dressing classy+ vintage but am secretly a flannel-wearing rebel on the inside.

I can't do black coffee. Heavens, no. It's just too boring. There has to be milk and some sort of flavor. Seasonal/fun/creative flavors make the sun in my sky shine. Red velvet lattes are the best thing ever.

Sunglasses in my book = ray-bans or enormous cat-eyes. No shame.

I am foodie: give me baked donuts, bread + cheese, black bean chili, white bean hummus, or gingerbread hot chocolate any day.

I am a hugger. If you aren't and we become friends, I make you into one.

Dying my hair red...best hair decision I ever made. Love.

I would wear yoga pants every day, all day if I could.

I am a beanie fiend. Hipster, remember?

Photo credit:  Mallory Olivier// Instagram pics c/o Grace Dalton

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