{31 Days} Day 18: Feeding the Soul

Monday, October 28, 2013

We feed our bodies, attempt sufficient hours of sleep for our minds to renew, and strive to consume nutrient-rich foods.

But do we feed our soul as much? 

There is such richness and spirit-lifting in beauty that feeds the soul. 

Dark chocolate, sharp and bitter. 

Lilting, gentle strains of the violin.

Soft sheets on bed after a long day.

Sundrop-filled Pride and Prejudice soundtrack.

I believe that as women, our soul longs for beauty and loveliness and rest. We get so caught up in our daily to-dos that we forget we have to take care of ourselves also...

Maybe that means spending time soaking up some Scripture, or putting on your favorite soothing music during the day, or eating lunch outside while enjoying the (hopefully) cool weather...painting your nails an autumn hue like burgundy or grey, sipping a seasonally flavored coffee...or even something as small as taking a 20 minute nap.

Yes, naps. They are glorious things and should be a regular, daily occurrence. If only.

If we don't nourish our souls, we grow tired and cross and snappy and even a tad bitter at the lack of joy and loveliness in our lives. Or perhaps that's just me. I know days always seem longer and things more hopeless if I don't take a few moments to take care of myself. We push and push ourselves, trying to do it all, to do it quickly and efficiently, running from one place to the next - especially if you're a college student who literally has to run from class to class all over campus.

Even if it's just a few minutes of drinking in a lovely, sunny fall day or grabbing a drink on the way to class or listening to music before bed, a little bit of beauty goes a long way in feeding our soul.

How do you nourish your soul and spirit? What are some of your favorite ways to relax and recharge?

This is part of my 31 Days series - you can read the other posts here. 


  1. I'm a very health-conscious dancer with a mean chocoholic streak, so I've gotten this speech from my roommate dozens of times that goes something like, "Sometimes you eat for your body, and sometimes you eat for your soul." Other than dark chocolate and loads of chai tea, I like to dance or sing in someplace quiet and peaceful and most importantly, deserted. It's a nice moment to just feel grateful to be alive in the sunshine, which I suppose is my definition of feeding the soul!

  2. Tea and chocolate and BBC soundtracks... and dancing and long walks and journalling... and trying to do a classy Harlem Shake with friends after eating one too many cream-puffs... very soul-healthy. ;) God bless!