{31 Days} Day 17: How to Love Dressing Up

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I love dressing up  - in case you haven't been able to tell! Even though life is busy, each day is full of challenges and tasks, and getting dressed up requires energy and a bit of thought...I simply love it. Being a woman is such a wonderful gift, so why should we not enjoy our femininity by choosing beauty in our day to day life, as Clare said

There are plenty of days when I don't feel pretty, or am tired, or not in the best mood. But I've found that spending just 20-30 minutes to get dressed in a cute outfit, brush my hair, add some accessories, and adding a bit of make-up makes such a difference for my mood and instantly makes the rest of the day better! 
After all, it doesn't matter how crazy things get as long as you look good, right? ;)

At least, that's my philosophy. As a sophomore college student balancing 17 hours, a part-time job, and being involved in my residential dorm as well as church, I stay extremely busy! But that doesn't mean I have to sacrifice style and looking put-together just because my to-do list is long. I think some people believe, 'I'm too busy to dress up, I just don't have time, plus I can always do that later when I'm an adult, have a job, and am out in the real world...'

But why wait? What's the fun in that? Dress up now!

I'm known among my classmates as the girl who dresses up and have had multiple friends (including guys) ask me, "what's the occasion?" To which I always reply, "It's a school day!"

Sometimes it's as simple as a wearing a nice coat instead of a sweatshirt. I love adding heels and jewelry for an instant dressy outer look. Not only does dressing up showcase your style, but it also reflects professionalism and maturity. I always feel more mature and sophisticated as a college student when I'm dressed in nicer clothes. 

Of course, dressing up doesn't mean head-to-toe formal every day...this is one of my favorite casual weekend combos that I repeat with different colors/pieces. Cardigans, scarves, and cute wedges added a fun, fall-themed lift to this outfit. 

I also love dressing up for the beach or sunny days by wearing bright colors and head scarves.

Even plain, solid dresses like this blue one can go from casual day to a more chic, evening formal outfit that works for church, dinner out, or even an event. Just add some lovely tall heels (if you're petite, like me), a sparkly cardigan, and sweep your hair up and voila!

Have fun with it! After all, what better way to show off your style? 

What's your favorite way to dress up? I'd love to know!

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