{31 Days} Day 14: Embracing Womanhood

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello, everyone  - the past week and a half was rather rough, hence the lack of posts. I fell sick, had multiple midterms + projects, and sprained my ankle, which made for an exhausted Grace. But I'm happy to say I'm back to full health with a recovered ankle now. Thank you for your patience! 

I'm finally starting to think of myself as a woman.

Not a grown-up one, of course, but a young woman. I'm not a teenager anymore. I may still occasionally look, act, and sound like one, but I'm beginning to claim my young adulthood.

I'm realizing I can and should embrace fellowship with other women and not feel like I'm intruding or have nothing worthwhile to contribute because I'm younger.

That means working hard, but not losing myself in fear, because I trust God's plan.

It means knowing my personal sense of style and being proud of it.

It means reaching out to others with compassion to offer grace and support.

It means stepping up and taking more responsibility in leadership roles.

 It means giving of myself to ministry and church.

It means recognizing that sometimes I need to say no.

It means not doubting and second-questioning myself so much.

Embracing womanhood means to embrace everything about yourself: your talents, your heart, your looks, your quirks, your role in other people's lives, your ability to serve, and your gifts that you can share with others.

How do you embrace womanhood? 


  1. Embracing womanhood is something so hard for us to do in this world, in this life, but it's so good to do it - to embrace the femininity that God gave us. Wearing dresses, skirts, boots, doing your hair, nails, crafting, making your bed. Loving, with your whole heart, entirely, and completely. Being willing to lay down everything.

    1. Definitely agree! I love the idea of living out our femininity in the best way and taking true joy in being a woman! Thanks for sharing, dear. :)