{31 Days} Day 11: The Art of Being Single

Monday, October 14, 2013

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Boys, schmoys...here at Baylor, there's a saying "Ring by Spring," implying that a girl should get a proposal and an engagement ring by the spring semester of her senior year. It's a much-joked-about tradition on campus, but it's certainly thought-provoking.

The more I've been at college - and it's only my sophomore year - I'm beginning to realize that these really are the best years of your life, in that these are the years of possibilities and new ideas and searching and growing and exploring. It is when you become you - in the fullest sense of the word. You grow into who you are as a young adult, form your own opinions, make your own decisions.

I have college friends who date and I don't think there's anything wrong with that at all! However, I  don't think that you have to date someone during college or that there's something wrong with you if you don't end up dating during your college years. You don't have to settle down in a serious relation or breeze though multiple casual ones...

 For all my occasional groaning with friends about how boys are so thick-headed and how we want to have someone special, I'm enjoying the independence of being on my own.

Of being a single young woman.

I absolutely love it.

Being single is an art -and like an art, it must be carefully cultivated and appreciated. I truly look forward to the day when I will fall in love and enter into a relationship and hopefully get married...but until then, I'm not going to put my life on hold or fill it with casual relationships. I want the real thing someday, but I also don't want to rush through this single season of my life because I know God gave it to me for a reason.

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Dating someone requires deep commitment, loyalty, affection, humility, and being unselfish in order to consider the needs of another person. While all of those are good things and are necessary in relationships with family and friends, I don't believe that I am being called to be in a romantic relationship right now. Being single allows me to invest more in friendships, make God the center of my life, concentrate on my studies, have time to explore new hobbies, and "date" myself.

"I've been single for a while and I have to say, it's going very well.
 Like...it's working out. 
I think I'm the one." 
~ unknown

Being single means taking joy and seeing the art in the little things I do....like taking walks on a cold autumn day, having an impromptu picnic, treating myself to a drink, or enjoying an evening in with Netflix and chocolate on a rainy day.

Because there's not much better than me, some jazz music, a few books, and an excellent cup of tea.

So here's to many years of being single. Cups of tea and all.


  1. Grace, I love your optimism in regards to the single life! It's so refreshing to read about it in these words. Don't get me wrong, I am very much enjoying being single, but I have to confess to having a few down-days recently... This post is so positive and uplifting. Thank you!

  2. This actually mirrors a lot of what I've been thinking about being single. I did have a relationship for a little more than half of last year, so this year I've been trying to focus on building a relationship with Christ--statistically, He's going to be around much longer than most guys I could date would. But that can be tough sometimes, when the world sings about love and boys. It always helps to know that there are other girls out there perfecting the art of being single. :) Thanks so much Grace!