{31 Days} Day 10: Ten Ways to Wear More Color

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Talk about a confusing post title....so many numbers!

One of my favorite parts about being a woman is the ability to dress up  - and wear color! Maybe you're not huge on bright colors or you don't think you can pull them off...or you're not crazy about being in neon from head to toe. Touches of color, however, add a perfect little pop to any outfit and attract the eye in a tasteful, appropriate way. 

Plus, we're women. 
We look good in color - so why not wear it?
 I always feel a little more joyful when I do.

Here's some of my favorite ways to wear color beside my usual red lips.

10 Ways to Wear More Color:

 1. Scarves

Scarves are one of my favorite accessories and I practically live in them once cold(er) weather arrives. If you're not a bright color girl, then deep rich jewel tones are perfect for you. I wanted to wear a dark outfit the day of the above picture, but I wanted to add a pop of autumn hues, so this magenta + olive + purple chain scarf did the trick. 

2. Print Shirts

Print shirts are a fabulous way to incorporate more color in your wardrobe, especially in autumn. Caitlin paired this shirt with a navy skirt and burgundy lipstick for a sophisticated, business-appropriate look.

3. Nail Polish

Nail polish takes an outfit to the next level and adds a small punch to any outfit: some of my favorite colors for fall are dark purple, orange, burgundy, gold, and red.

4. Hair 

This one's much more bold, but if you're looking for a fun way to mix things up, red, blue or purple tipped hair is so much fun to play with....or simply adding some highlights and dimension to your hair. Blonde ombre or a natural-looking red tint are some good ideas. I love my henna red hair and am considering redyeing it darker. Something about autumn always brings out my urge to go red!

5. Head Scarves + Turbans

I frequently tie small silk scarves around my head as a headband, bow, or turban. It adds a colorful touch of quirkiness and is a perfect finishing touch. Thrift stores are wonderful resources, but many regular stores carry a variety of delightful options. 

6. Belts

I've built up my belt collection over the years - most are from thrift stores - and always pull open my belt drawer when I need that pop of color somewhere on my actual outfit. Sometimes all it takes is a thin line of blue, plum, or yellow to complete an outfit. Even simple black ones with silver or gold buckles add pizzazz. 

7. Layering

If you're going to be in a coat a good portion of the day (walking on campus, running errands, visiting a city), then don't be afraid to go for bright clothes underneath a solid dark coat. The skirt above is actually tan + black, but it has a strip of bright orange at the hem. It works!

8. Go for Dark Colors

If you're just really not into bright colors (I have a friend like that), then try dark, softer hues that are less bold, like the deep burnished orange shirt that Mallory is wearing above. Rich autumn, jewel-toned colors are perfect for adding color to your wardrobe while still staying true to your personal style. 

 9. Hats All the Way

Anyone who knows me in real life can tell you that I am the hat/beanie/cap girl. I love love beanies and all sorts of hats. They're a fun, casual way to add some color, but don't look too over the top.

10. Bright Umbrellas 

I love wearing bright colors on rainy, grey days because I feel like everything pops so much more. There's something about a splash of pink or blue when the sky and streets are grey +wet that makes me happy. 

Especially if it's a pink umbrella. 

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