Modest Monday: Color Me Red

Monday, September 9, 2013

 Just joining the Modest Monday party? Here's the original post. Each Monday, I post a modest, stylish outfit. 

Why? Because I believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion and style for purity. 
 Modesty does not equal frumpy. This is my way of showing that modesty can be fashionable and pretty. I'm a girl determined to live a life of 
and plenty of style. 


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend - I went on a dorm retreat with friends and hallmates, lead a Zumba class, enjoyed a late night dance party, and drank in some early morning quiet time. Needless to say, I'm a bit sore and tired, but ready to tackle this week...
red lipstick 
makes everything better. 

Forget Monday blues - lately, I'm alllll about red. 

There's something so fabulous about wearing bright colors: not only is it an instant mood-booster, but you can't help but walk with a little more bounce and confidence in your step. 

Shirt// thrifted
Skirt// thrifted 
Shoes// gift
Sunglasses// Target
Lipstick// Kate Moss 111 for Rimmel

I picked up this shade from the drugstore after hearing about it from Zoella, an adorable and fabulous British makeup YouTuber. It's Kate Moss for Rimmel, #111, and it is simply wonderful. It's such a deep, rich shade that works perfectly for a pop of color during summer, but I can also tell it will look amazing in winter with darker, cool-weather outfits.

If you're looking to take that leap and try red lipstick, I highly recommend this one. It's lovely, not too screaming red, and best of all, is very affordable! I believe I picked mine up for around $5. So, no excuse not to go bold and go red!

And of course, what else can you wear with red lipstick but red cat eye sunglasses? I found this pair at Target and couldn't resist getting them, despite - and perhaps because of - how dramatic they are. I had so much fun wearing them...a guy on campus even stopped to tell me that he loved my outfit. Like I said, red is always good. ;)

I am a sucker for anything with polka dots, so when my best friend surprised me with these adorable polka dot and striped wedges, I was in love. Statement pieces like these shoes can be difficult to pair with patterned clothes, so I usually like pairing them with solids (like my turquoise shirt + brown skirt) and add some fun accessories.

It's Monday - so go red!

Your turn! Show me your Modest Monday. Snap a picture of your outfit (it can be as casual or gussied up as you want) and leave the link to your blog in the comments below.

Amanda at Come Along, Pond! is enjoying some fall weather (lucky girl!) and a lovely fall outfit.

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  1. Love the outfit! :)

    1. Thanks, Amanda - love yours also! :)