What I Learned in August

Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, Emily, today on Chatting at the Sky for a list of things that we've learned in August. It's a way to share some fun, silly, and not-so silly things that one has learned at the end of each month. Feel free to join in!

1. I discovered the BBC show Merlin and instantly realized Colin Morgan looks like Benedict Cumberbatch's younger brother.

Young Sherlock Holmes, anyone?

2. I really, really love Ingrid Michaelson's voice and her soft, catchy songs.

3. Lightroom is worth every penny. I am in love and can't stop editing pictures. My fingers want to fall off.

4. During the end of summer, I got into the delightful but very bad habit of ending each night with a episode of either Doctor Who, Sherlock, or Merlin - and became even more of a night owl because of it. Thankfully, I'm back to a (relatively) early bedtime now.

England has far superior tv shows...I've finally accepted that no American series will ever cause me to sob, scream, laugh, and cheer like BBC's series. Them Brits. They know what they're doing. And I was clearly born in the wrong country.

5. I finally accept and believe that I am an artist.

6. I am never going to run out of writing projects. I already have ideas and concrete scenes for two screenplays and a fiction novel in addition to the young adult fantasy novel I'm currently working on.

7. Downton Abby and One Direction CAN be mentioned in the same breath. Someone went through every episode of DA and recreated the song "You're Beautiful" with dialogue from the show.


 I'm not sure which is more impressive: the hours that obviously went into it or the fact that the cast makes the song sound extremely posh and eloquent. In either case, it's a hilarious watch.

8. I have the deep urge to make a plethora of short films.

9. I am officially in love with Starbucks new Valencia Orange Refresher. See previous post.

10. Baylor is where I'm meant to be, hands down. I staffed the 98th Aggie Awakening retreat at Texas A&M in July, and while I loved it, I was shocked by how much I missed my Bear family. I am so happy to be back on campus with all of my favorite Baylor people. There was much shrieking and hugging the first week back. :)

11. Also, I am probably the last person in the world to listen to Radioactive by ImagineDragons, but I am obsessed.

Cannot. Stop. Listening.

12. I discovered RainyMood.com, thanks to my younger brother who played it on his phone every night as background noise. I then found myself doing it also. Even though I had always rolled my eyes at people who needed sleep sound machines to fall asleep. One more instance where I ended up eating my own words.

I'm sensing a pattern here.

13. Benedict Cumberbatch can make anything sound sinister. Exhibit A:



    Also, thanks for the link to that post about being an artist. It was a beautiful article.

    1. Yessss - so glad you agree, Victoria! And you are very welcome about the article. It was so beautiful to read.

  2. I saw Merlin for the first time immediately after watching season one of Sherlock and I totally thought they were the same actor. I was in such a torment of is he/isn't he that I finally had to look it up to put my mind at rest. lol.

    1. Clare ~ I know!! I kept staring at his face during the first episode and all I could think was "Benedict CumberbatchBenedictCumberbatch." I'm not sure how someone else hasn't noticed and cast them as brothers or father/son!

  3. Very fun. Thanks for your post.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, TJ! Glad you enjoyed the post.

  4. (2nd attempt at commenting so my apologies if it's a repeat!)
    Found you via Emily's link up and was so happy to see Downton Abbey mentioned on someone else's list as well! I've only given in to them this month.

    I saw Ingrid Michaelson at the Red Rocks last summer, and she was magical.

    You remind me so of myself 20 years ago---thanks for letting me visit your oom!

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting, Deirdre! It's always nice to meet another Ingrid Michaelson AND Downton Abbey fan. :)