Scenes from Downtown

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I finally, finally made the big leap in the photography/blogging world and purchased Lightroom - one of the top photo editing programs out there. I have access to it at school and love, love it, but I'm so glad to have it on my laptop. Now I can edit pictures anywhere and everywhere. Worth every penny.

 I have a few client photoshoots coming up (!!), so I took my sisters downtown to scout out some locations. These were all "practice" shots, for fun only, but I loved how they turned out. 

This one never fails to crack me up: she's a natural model and the star of our family. 

Definitely a fashionista like her older sister!

Meet Fey - my fellow Starbucks addict, little sister, and best friend. She grew up while I was away at college: not only does she have a knack for hair + make-up, is absurdly creative with DYI ideas, but she's also got a style all her own. 

So, of course, I "borrow" from her closet all the time. 

These two make me laugh so much. Love them!

Pure hams. 

Sisters. They're a beautiful thing. 


  1. hey i love your blog, started following <3 come check out my blog too k? :) thanks

    1. Hi, Jenna! Thanks for the follow and the comment - can't wait to check out your blog. :)

  2. Ah, gorgeous. Looking through these was a real treat. ♥

    1. Glad to know you enjoyed them, dear. :)