{Modest Monday} Party Like It's 1920

Monday, August 12, 2013

 Just joining the Modest Monday party? Here's the original post. Each Monday, I post a modest, stylish outfit. 

Why? Because I believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion and style for purity. 
 Modesty does not equal frumpy. This is my way of showing that modesty can be fashionable and pretty. I'm a girl determined to live a life of 
and plenty of style. 


Happy Monday, everyone! Hard to believe summer is almost over...I'm trying to soak up the last non-filled-with-school days before I head back to college. For today's Modest Monday, I thought I'd do something a bit different and feature my adorable little sister in Great Gatsby attire. 

In case you can't get enough of the gorgeous, sweeping film, haven't read the novel, or the Gatsby craze that has swept Pinterest, weddings, and the world, this post is for you. Maybe you're looking for some Gatsby-inspired attire, or are attending a 1920s costume party, or looking for a costume for Halloween this fall. Either way, enjoy!

All it took was a rainy day, the Great Gatsby soundtrack and a compilation of my wardrobe and the little sister's. 

She asked me to do her make-up, so how could I resist? She's such a little lady!

One who has perfected duck lips, that is. 

Dress// (from my closet) Tunic from Wal-Mart
Camisole// Target
Shoes// Payless
Belt// Necklace from Wal-Mart
Earrings// The Icing
Headpeice// Headband from Charming Charlie's
Bracelets// Wal-Mart

I kept her makeup on the soft side with browns and a soft plum on her eyes, mascara, and then added some burgandy lips for a pop of color.

 I love this jeweled headband: I simply pulled it down on her forehead  pinned it into place, and curled her hair with a hair wand.

 Rosebuds and glittery diamonds!

Little girl eyelashes...

It doesn't matter how fancy your outfit is...you have to remember to have fun. 

And strike a pose like it's 1920. 

Above all, daaaaance!


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