You Know You're Best Friends When...

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Best friends are wonderful things. They love you + put up with you like no one else.

I'm blessed have a beautiful, hilarious, and fierce best friend in this girl - Kilah. 

 We met as wee fourteen year-olds. It was the beginning of a grand friendship and a never-ending adventure. We acted together, went on to direct Shakespeare plays together, spent homeschool high school together, graduated together with a joint ceremony, and now attend Baylor University together.

We're best friends who share a brain in so many when we stare at our respective Facebooks and shriek:

We know the infinite and dangerous possibilities that our minds hold. 

It's been more than odd to not see her on a daily basis after going to the same college and living in the same dorm building for an entire year. I'm looking forward to seeing her so I can hug her to (almost) death, scream over Richard Armitage, and blast the Great Gastby soundtrack on repeat with her. Because it's like being without your left hand or going without your most beloved pair of shoes for three months or having to deal with the wait for Season 3 of Sherlock....

She recently turned 19, but I couldn't be with her to celebrate her birthday due to my summer classes. So I decided to put together a post as a homage to her and the gloriousness that is best friends.

23 Reasons Why I Love Her Dearly and How I Know We're Best Friends:

1. You never have to worry about the state of your room: she accepts you even if it's a dumphouse. And vice versa. 

2. You are both governed by the same rules of fashion. 

3. You can tell the difference unlike other people. 

4. You both react this way. 

5. You respect and understand each other's life decisions. 

6. You don't even have to speak in order to hold a conversation. 

7. She understands you not only when you don't say anything, but also when you don't say anything that makes sense. 

8. You agree on the fundamental principles of life. 

9. Either of you threatens to kill/permanently maim in some way any guy who breaks the other's heart, makes her cry, or is an idiot that can't see how much she likes him. 

But you can both spell the word "wrath" correctly

10. She knows things your future husband will never know about. Which means she could produce more blackmail than the CIA, but she would never stoop to such levels. 

11. All the silly times you've had together making random people stare become your favorite memories to look back on. 

12. You're both weird, but you don't care because that's exactly why you love her. Even if you're decidedly different (she's fair, average height, wears jeans, Protestant - I'm golden, petite, wears skirts, Catholic).

13. This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

14. You firmly adhere to this belief - it was what drew you together. 

15. Even if she can't carry a tune, you love singing with her at the top of your lungs in the car or in parking lots. 

16. These are your unspokenly-mutual life mantras.

17. Word. 

18. You've done this for each other more times than you can count (except she hates coffee so you bring her chocolate drinks instead)

20. You are family. 

21. No matter what happens, you both know you can show up in tears or with a hilarious story and the other will always be there.

22. And loving each other in all their stupidity. 

23. You don't have to ask and you never will have to; you both know. 

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