Current Obsessions

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1. My bed. I am so TIRED, all the time. Working and taking summer classes ain't no joke...not to mention I've been staying up late because I'm mentally exhausted by the time the day's over, so I just want to unwind by reading blogs/watching a movie. Or I get stressed out the night before my tests and can't sleep....All to say - I love my beautiful bed and wish we spent more quality time together. It's so good to me.

2. Classical music - rediscovered my love for it. It's so soothing and perfect for studying or naps. Plus I feel like my IQ raises when I listen to it. Bring on the upper-class, well-educated snobbery.

3. Hummus and carrots. That's basically what I exist on: I cannot even tell you how many tubs I've gone through in the past two and a half weeks. It's. Ridiculous.

4. Ice cream. Every day, all day.

It's like someone flicked the "crave ice cream" switch on in my brain - and it won't turn off.

 Doing my best to resist though!

5. Naps. All I want to do is sleep. Just sleep, nothing else. (See #1)

6. Taylor Swift's obnoxiously catchy song "22" which I can't stop singing. Partly because I love 'dressing hipster.'

7. Karen Gilligan as Amy Pond from Doctor Who. I.can't.get.enough. I love her style, her spunk, her refreshingly down-to-earth personality, and her hair. She's making me want to go full-on-out red again.

8. Starbucks's new Valencia Orange Refresher. So good! I turned up my nose when I heard about it and thought it would be a watered-down and far too sweet drink. Instead it's like tart lemonade with a hefty splash of summery orange. My new favorite drink - and one that is practically summer in a cup.

9. I found this site with a page dedicated to just mint clothes. I'm in love.

What are you loving this summer?


  1. Ice cream. YES. I've had plenty of opportunities to practice my moderation recently. lol.

    <3 you!

    1. So glad I'm not alone!! Love you too, dearie!