Thursday Things: Summer Edition

Thursday, June 13, 2013

1. Pretty sure "Home" by Philip Philips was and is forever more the theme song for Baylor's class of 2013. Don't ask me seems like it was constantly played on campus, one group performed it for Baylor's student talent show "After Dark" (which almost the entire student body goes to see)....aaaand I'm almost positive it was the song I listened to on repeat the day I left home, with all of my life packed up in a Uhaul, and drove to Texas. It's also probably because Baylor is now home. Probably.

2. My legs are pretty much all muscle now. It's depressing. Muscle's good, yes, but not when you can NO LONGER FIT IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL LEATHER BOOTS. Dang calves. Stop getting thicker!

3. I love coffee. Love. But my stomach doesn't....whyyyyy? Meh.

4. I'm obsessed with stripes. I own approximately 349 pairs of striped shirts. I think I subconsciously want to be French, oui?

5. I secretly wish my life was like the Mamma Mia! movie. Breathtaking Greek islands location, beaches and white sands galore, summery colorful clothes, and everyone around me spontaneously breaking out into song and dance? Yes, please.

6. Painting your nails mint green results in you looking quite tan. A lovely accidental side effect.

7. I'm currently in love with all things mint. See above.

8. My hair is getting ridiculously long. FINALLY. And of course, only after I'd completely given up and resigned myself to the sad fact that it hasn't grown at all in 3-4 years despite my best efforts, which included everything from "growth-inducing trims," refusing to cut it, increasing healthy fats in my diet. I've gained weight - because I've eaten more sweets, fried food, and meat recently...and now my hair is longer.

GAH. Of course, right? That's the only change, so the only logical answer is that more fat = longer, thicker hair. Apparently an abundance of veggies didn't work for me personally when it came to hair growth.

I'm doomed.

9. I'm most definitely a ring girl. I left the house without wearing a giant cocktail one and immediately felt horribly self-conscious about my naked hands. There's something about rings that add instant confidence and style, much like a swipe of lipstick on a 'blah' day.

10. My little sister owns more make-up than me. As in, she's running a mini-cosmetic store on her vanity table. There's something wrong with this picture. 

11. Sarah Vicky's blog, Classy Girls Wear Pearls makes me want to run away for a Nantucket summer vacation - complete with her gorgeous New England-style clothes.

12. It's completely impossible, but based on my food cravings, you'd think I'm pregnant. All. I want. Are ice cream, chocolate, and fried food. Oy vey.


  1. My little sister is seven years old, and she owns more makeup, and possibly as much jewelry. It's quite depressing. ;)

    1. Isn't it? They're passing us up! ;)

  2. Mmmmm, ice cream. lol. Me too!!

    1. Ahaha, glad to know I'm not alone!