On The Road

Monday, June 3, 2013

It's Monday.

And I couldn't be more grateful. Because this Monday means a day off from work, a road trip with my beautiful best friend on said day. It means driving in the car, doing nothing but chatting and laughing and listening to music after nearly two weeks of listening to orders being called out, tasks being assigned to me, questions being asked about summer classes, and such.

It means sunny skies and long fields and endless green plains of Texas. It means going back to my second home, where I reside during the school year. It means going back to Baylor green and gold. It means the quiet of a long car ride, so excellent at prompting gentle musing while the miles speed by outside the passenger window.

It means getting to spend some time with one of my favorite girls before we're separated all summer, and getting to help her move in.

It means seeing one of my other favorite girls (this one's a redhead and wonderfully fantastic in every way) once we're back on campus and hugging her to death.

It means free access to Lightroom, one of my very favorite things, in Baylor's library.

It means a mini, mini "vacation." Some time to breathe and think on the ride to and back, hopefully.

It's Monday. Hurray. :)

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