Modest Monday: A Case of the Blues

Monday, June 24, 2013

 Just joining the Modest Monday party? Here's the original post. Each Monday, I post a modest, stylish outfit. 

Why? Because I believe you don't have to sacrifice fashion and style for purity. 
 Modesty does not equal frumpy. This is my way of showing that modesty can be fashionable and pretty. I'm a girl determined to live a life of 
and plenty of style. 

Today was one of those days when I was too tired to "dress cute." I was worn out from taking a test, and tired from studying late the night I dressed for comfort. 

I'm bohemian when it comes to comfort clothes. All the way. 

Shirt// Cato
Skirt// Wet Seal
Belt// Forever 21
Ring// The Icing
Wedges// Payless
Bag// Fossil brand - thrifted (reason #786 why I love thrift stores)

Hope you had a blue (in a good way) Monday, friends!

Check out Amanda (who went for a bright pink outfit - too funny, the contrast between our different looks). She also sent in last week's, which I forgot to add. So sorry, my dear! But here it is. And Elizabeth Anne also wore blue for Modest Monday! So pretty. 

Your turn! Show me your Modest Monday. Snap a picture of your outfit (it can be as casual or gussied up as you want) and leave the link to your blog in the comments below.

Don't have a blog?
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me a pic of your outfit with hashtag #modestmoday if you'd like to see it featured on the blog!

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Clare Asper said...

I <3 comfy! You do a good job making it look cute as well. Those shoes are adorable!!

Raewyn said...

Thank you, dearie! And yes - shoes with bows are always a good thing!

Amanda said...

Very, very cute! =] I'm not a ring wearer, but I love yours!

Here is my link up =]

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

You are just so lovely!

I'm reading even if I don't get a chance to comment. :)

Raewyn said...

Thank you for the love and for reading, 'Grandmama!' Hope you're feeling much better. <3

Raewyn said...

Thanks, Amanda - I loved your jewelry also! Added both your links. :) So happy to have you join!

Elizabeth Anne said...

I wrote a modest Mondays outfit last week but I never could figure out how to link it.

You have some great style!