Growing Up: Why Your View Changes When You're No Longer Nineteen

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Being 20 can be hard. 

It can be so, so hard. 

And yet, at the same time, it's glorious. 

Independence, youth, growing and seeking, deepening in maturity, taking risks and reaching out for those big, bold dreams that you weren't quite sure if you were worthy enough to dream when you were younger. 

20 is acting on those dreams - having the guts to chase and take initiative. 

20 is also when you start to see with an adult's eye. 

When you see your parents and why they've done the things they've done and made the sacrifices they've made. 

20 is when you begin to think about bills and loans and payments, jobs, living expenses, and the future, and all the heavy - oh so heavy - burdens resting on adults' shoulders. 

20 is when you start to see the villains that your parents - who always seemed like superheros when you were growing up - battle daily and have battled. 

20 is when you see the scars and battle wounds...see the lines of care and worry, of sleepless nights, and constant plans and prayers created on your behalf. 

20 is when you realize, more than ever, that your parents actually are superheros.

They give and they give and they carry and they soldier on, whether they are exhausted, sleep-deprived, sick, crippled, ailing, out of work, struggling, stressed, or busy. 

And you wonder what on God's green earth did you do to deserve that and why they keep giving even after they've given all they possibly can? 

How do parents go beyond that? 

20 is when you realize that the two greatest, strongest, bravest, and most loving people you will ever meet in this life are the ones who welcomed you into this world and gave you the name that makes you you

20 is when you realize that the dreams you had at 18 and 19, and all the good times you enjoyed then and shelter/support/benefits/memories of childhood existed because of two people. 

20 is when you realize just how much your parents have done for you. And how much you hope to be like them. 

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