When You Need a Shoulder To Lean On and Someone To Be Your Safe

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What does it mean to tell someone, "I need you to be my safe?"

It means, I need you to be here for me right now.

'I need you to talk about light subjects, ones that don't touch the turmoil bubbling within.'

'I need you to grant me your ear, your company, your quiet presence. Just that is good enough.'

'I need you to just be here for me.'

'I need you to not judge me right now.'

'I need you to just be here.'

'Even if you think I'm wrong. Right now, in this moment, just be. Here. For me.'


And that person, if they're who you think and trust and hope they are - if they're a better person than you (because I know I can certainly be judgmental and opinionated during my less "grace"-filled moments - which are far too often), they will nod and say, simply,



  1. I need these in my life so often. Thank God for the people who say yes!

    1. As do I, dear Clare. Those kind of people are such a blessing!

  2. I tagged you for an award at my blog. :)