Around Campus: Shades and Style

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heeellooo....things are quite busy and frantic around here, but I thought I'd pop in and show you some pics I snapped recently of a dear friend who has some fabulous style.

Meet Mete!

Love this girl to death...she has spunk, attitude, style, and confidence like nobody's business. 

 She's also a natural model, if you couldn't tell. Practically made for the spotlight. 

With spring just around the corner and sunny days peeking out, shades are the way to go...

As are Oxfords and bows!

Hats always add an extra bit of pizazz. Great for accessorizing, days when you don't have time to do something special with your hair, or just when you want a touch of coolness. 
Fedoras = win. 

(Photographer's hand. I.e. mine.)

Where there's sun, there's always shade...

and shadows. ;)


  1. Your friend has such fabulous style—darling photos, Raewyn! :)

  2. Hello, Grace!

    So I just learned something pretty coincidental...I have really loved your blog ever since you started it. Recently, my mom showed me a picture of this young lady on facebook whom my family has known since I was a baby. My mom had been telling me about how this same young lady had the cutest sense of style and clothes and how much I would love it, and I did! But the moment she showed me the picture, I was really shocked because it was you! I hadn't ever seen a picture of this young lady before and I had moved a really long time ago, so I didn't remember. :P But apparently, your family and my family used to be really close in Texas! I'm Kyle's little sister, Mercy, if you remember my older brother. He's in Texas at college now. :)

    God bless,

    1. Mercy! Hi, sweetie! I cannot believe that you'd found my blog...what a small world! That is so crazy and incredibly hilarious. Of course I remember Kyle! We practically grew up together since we were two until your family moved away. I'm friends with him and your mom on FB, as a matter of fact. :) And I even almost ended up going to UD also. :) I'm so glad you left a comment, girlie! Hope to hear from you again!