Soul Renewing: The Right Kind of Monday

Monday, February 25, 2013

---written two Mondays ago

Today is Monday.

A simple enough statement, innocent words...and yet, despite my heavy heart on Sunday night - when I thought about the start of another school week - today has been anything but what a 'Monday' is known to be.

Perhaps because it's raining and grey( perhaps because jubilant drops have fallen with steady wetness, chasing students inside to seek shelter in buildings and the welcomed warmth of Starbucks or their dorm...)

Perhaps it's because there were no worrisome assignments due today...

Perhaps because I was wearing red lip stick and a dress covered in roses...

But for whatever reason, today has been one of calm, of not rushing frantically. Of not stressing about tomorrow. Of doing enjoyable things: sitting by Starbucks, editing pictures, indulging in photography, and walking through the rain-soaked streets swirling with cool, winter air.

And now, I'm curled up safe inside, sheltered, surrounded by friends in a room of comfortable chairs + flickering candles. There's soft lamplight, creamy hot chocolate, joy-giving giant cookies from Panera Breads...and music.

Rich, soulful, deep, blanketing and spreading through the air with an easy yawn and good-natured grace. Tumbling into our ears and souls, filling our bones with vibrations of the beat, steady and strong.

There's nothing but silence and soft stirring in our seats as we sit in armchairs, curled on the floor, reclined against sofas...just here, with our souls and ears open, and our minds and mouths quiet.

We listen - some of us with nods, others with eyes gazing off, still those just content to release every conscious tension and just float in the rhythm, in the lyrics weaving around us, in the living, breathing music.

Tomorrow has its own duties, worries, and thoughts.

But today, right now, we are here, present in the moment, allowing the music to wash over us and stir us - nourish and replenish out spirits.

Because today is Monday.

May your Monday be full of peace, friends. 


  1. I love reading your blog posts about college... albeit with a bit of sad wistfulness. Your stories are exactly what I wish my brief college stint had been like, but wasn't. I shall continue to live vicariously through your wonderful blog posts. Please continue sharing your stories!

    1. Amanda, I'm glad you enjoy them - I apologize if any of them bring bittersweet memories...I will say that this Monday was a rarity. Mine are usually much more stressful than this! ;) And I will definitely keep sharing more of my college experience!

  2. Also, I tagged you in a blog award :)

  3. Like Amanda, I love reading your college posts, but for a different reason... as a tired and battle-worn senior, they infect me with enough fresh enthusiasm and hope to make it through another Monday of my own. It sounds like you're having a wonderful time, though not without the traditional stress and sleeplessness, and I'm very happy for you. Thanks for reminding me to keep an open heart for the last two months left in my school time.

    <3 God bless you, beautiful! <3

    1. I'm happy to hear that they can bring you a nostalgic smile for freshman year, Clare...after four years of this sort of thing, I'm sure you are exhausted and so ready for the end which is in sight! I hope these last few months of your college life are very special ones. Even though I think marriage must be the most wonderful season of life, I've been told to really treasure this single/college time. It only happens once. So I pray you find rest, joy, and much fun during these last two months. :) Hang in there, dear sister - May is very close! ;)