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Saturday, February 2, 2013

It's totally a weird thought.

But I'm okay with typing "2013."

Which is crazy...where did that come from?

But it's true. As cliche as it sounds, it's a new year, and guess what? I actually like it.

2012 was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions, big change, and milestones. It challenged me and knocked me down several times. But it was still a good year. A great year. I learned so much - academically, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

About myself and my weaknesses.

About the beauty of friendship that's only a few months old.

About the hidden strengths within me.

About the deep, enduring love of family that especially rises in times of trial.

About the endless sacrifices parents are willing to make simply because they love their children.

(And the sheer goofiness of brothers.)

That I know NOTHING and God knows ALL.

That Socrates isn't so off his rocker and he actually had some valid points. Even if he never answers a question directly.

That I can write a political essay analyzing presidential candidates based on a Platonic framework. Sheesh. Try saying that five times fast.

That if I feel guilty about taking time to exercise instead of study, there's something wrong. Working out is an enormous de-stresser and helps me feel more like me - and the absence of constant exercise last semester proved that dramatically.

 2012 was a good year. It certainly didn't go according to plan. But the best things never do. After all, that's Life.

So. I'm ready and excited for 2013. See, I have this feeling it's going to. Be. Spectacular.

There'll probably be even more challenges and uncertainties. But I am so, so excited.

Maybe it's because my birthday is in 6 days. I'll be 20. :) Gettin' up there on the young adult ladder. Around this time next year, I'll legally be an adult.


Maybe it's because I'm growing more into myself - taking a photography class that will equip me as a food writer and blogger, teaching more Zumba classes, reading scads of YA books for a young adult lit class that's excellent research for finishing my YA novel, working as an undergraduate assistant, getting back in a running groove to train for a half marathon (!), and entering the semester with more confidence in myself and my abilities.

After all, I made it last semester. I've got it in me.

So again, 2013, I'm ready. I'm dreaming big. Planning to work hard. Treasuring this season in my life. And trying to capture every moment I can. 

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  1. I am excited for you and what the future holds for you! Grace, you are an inspiration to me with keeping a journal trying to work on that this year. (: This year has started of rough for me (but clinging to hope!) 2013 has also been filled with great joy... my sister asked me to be her Confirmation sponsor!