Rain, Coffee Beans + Concert

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy weekend! Hope it's treating you well. :)

I went to a Jane Austen country ball, spent the night with my best friends, slept late and had a lovely Southern breakfast of eggs and biscuits this morning. Celebrated the rainy day with a Starbucks run with the little sisters...


 and then headed downtown for a friend's concert!

Thomas and Theresa.
They're fantastically talented, stylish, and extremely nice. And about as cool as you can get. 

 It was a fabulous evening of indie music, good coffee, and lots and lots of old friends. 

Le family (and little brother's girlfriend on the end).

So many lovely bright colors - and boots.
The boots reigned supreme. Especially the brilliantly colored ones above. 

Frosted mint iced latte.

Caught the photographer of the night in action!
Cameron, impeccably stylish as always. 

Little miss (and sister of Theresa)...love her funky sense of fashion!

Padres: mine (left) and Theresa's (right).
Bow tie at a coffeeshop concert? I think so. 

Dear family friend and Cameron's mother.

One of the coolest ladies I know. 
 She's terribly clever, a master cellist, dresses like a modern Auntie Mame (the brightly patterned rainboots were hers), and calls me Sugarplum. 

 Clearly, I love her. 

The girl of the night, the fabulous Theresa Romero herself.

I love her too. 
And we match. Obviously we both have good taste. 


Another talented musician - Danley is my favorite cellist!
He and I ended up matching also - he's Theresa's younger brother, so we were a trio of orange. 

All in all, it was a lovely Saturday night and a wonderful last full weekend at home before I head back to school. And for the first weekend of 2013, it wasn't too shabby. Hope your weekend was every bit as lovely as you wished!


  1. fantastic photos, thanks for sharing! :)

  2. It looks amazing. Hard to believe that vacation is almost over... blessings on your year!